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Simple lore friendly retexture of the dragonscale armor. Both male and female textures are effected by this mod.

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Dragonscale Armor Retexture - Lore Friendly
Version: 2.1
Date: 1 March 2017
Author: mbass

Ever thought that the skin of the dragonscale armor should match the skins of the dragons you are fighting?  This mod is intended to be a more lore friendly retexture of the dragonscale armor.  This mod replaces the default texture files for the dragonscale armor thus only one version can be applied at one time.  Both male and female armors will be effected by this mod.  The dragonbone quiver texture files only apply to the Dawnguard expansion. 

Copy/Paste the textures to:
Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\textures\armor\dragonscale
Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\Textures\dlc01\weapons\dragonbone

Delete the files referred in the install section

Tools Used
BSAopt - Bethesda Archive Management and Optimization by Ethatron
GIMP DDS Plugin by Shawn Kirst

1 Mar 2017 - v1.0 Legendary Dragonscale plus Dragonbone Quiver Added
2 Feb 2017 - v1.0 Revered Dragonscale plus Dragonbone Quiver Added
27 Jan 2017 - v2.1 Optional Ancient Quiver - YellowBlue
19 Jan 2017 - v2.1 Elder Dragonscale plus Dragonbone Quiver Added
14 Jan 2017 - v2.1 Snow Dragonscale plus Dragonbone Quiver Added
10 Jan 2017 - v2.1 Ancient Dragonscale plus Dragonbone Quiver Added
12 May 2011 - v2 Male & Female Elder Dragonscale Release. High Res (2048p) curiass.
11 Mar 2011 - v1.01 Female Ancient Dragonscale curiass High Res (2048p) Release
23 Feb 2011 - v1.0 Male & Female Ancient Dragonscale Release

Bethesda for the original textures

Please ask permission to re-upload any part of this mod.