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Realistic Pine branches replacer. All types covered. 4K/8K/16K versions. Billboards included.

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Vanilla pine branches just unnatural. So here is my take on them. I made these textures from photos of real spruce branches (Skyrim ''pines'' is definitely spruces for me). I believe that they are more realistic and quality. Screenshots displays 8K version for SE and made with Silent Horizons ENB alongside vanilla lighting.

Take a look on best compatible pine shrubs.


Compatible with any other mod that uses vanilla pine branches.


My textures works more or less acceptable with vanilla-like billboards. But for those who would make custom LOD, I decided to provide billboards. I didn't include .txt files so you still need them. This means that you should download Indistinguishable Billboards or SBT billboards (you probably have one of them already) and combine my .dds' with their .txts. My billboards will only work with vanilla tree meshes. If you use different tree meshes you should make your own billboards (it's very easy) or create 3D tree LOD. I just can't provide billboards for every tree mod.

  • Q: SE version?
     A: Pine Branches Redone.


Simply copy files to your data folder. Overwrite if needed.


Just delete files from their respective folders or overwrite it by another textures.


Credit to Kartoffels for treepineforestbranchcomp.tga from CSSET which became base of my work.

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