360 Controller Remap Xbox to PC by Rexcellent
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Added: 22/11/2011 - 09:02PM
Updated: 24/12/2011 - 04:05AM

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Last updated at 4:05, 24 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 21:02, 22 Nov 2011

Button Mapping:
The A Button = Activate
The B Button = Sneak/Crouch
The X Button = Ready Weapon
The Y Button = Jump
Left Trigger = Left Hand
Right Trigger = Right Hand
The Back Button = Favorites Menu (changed in 1.3)
The Start Button = Journal Menu
Left-Shoulder Button = (changed in 1.3)
Right-Shoulder Button = Shout
Left-Thumbstick Click = Sprint (changed in 1.3)
Right-Thumbstick Click = Toggle Point-of-view

Left-Shoulder Button + A Button = Map Menu
Left-Shoulder Button + B Button = Items Menu
Left-Shoulder Button + X Button = Magic Menu
Left-Shoulder Button + Y Button = Skills Menu
Left-Shoulder Button + Back Button = Quick Load (i.e. Back to prior save)
Left-Shoulder Button + Start Button = Quick Save (i.e. Save going Forward)
Left-Shoulder Button + Right-Shoulder Button = Wait
Left-Shoulder Button + Left Thumbstick Click = Character Menu (changed in 1.3)

Favorites and Hot Keys: (Changed in 1.2)
Back Button = Favorites Menu (changed in 1.3)
D-Pad Left = Hot Key 1
D-Pad Up = Hot Key 2
D-Pad Right = Hot Key 3
D-Pad Down = Hot Key 4
Left-Shoulder + D-Pad Left = Hot Key 5
Left-Shoulder + D-Pad Up = Hot Key 6
Left-Shoulder + D-Pad Right = Hot Key 7
Left-Shoulder + D-Pad Down = Hot Key 8
Thumbsticks Scroll the Favorites Menu

Map Mode: (Changed in 1.1 config)
Left Thumbstick = Move Cursor
Right Thumbstick = Pan Camera
D-Pad Left = Move World Map Left
D-Pad Right = Move World Map Right
D-Pad Up = Move World Map Up
D-Pad Down = Move World Map Down
Left-Shoulder Button or Left Trigger = Zoom Out
Right-Shoulder Button or Right Trigger = Zoom In

Use Mod-manager or...
Copy/Extract/Merge the Data folder into the Skyrim application directory.
(example: C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim)

Use Mod-manager or...
Delete \Data\Interface\Controls\pc\controlmap.txt
(note: all other files are informational only and can also be deleted.
Controlmap.txt is the only file used in-game.)

controlmap.txt - game file used to remap controller
modified.controlmap.txt - copy of the new controlmap.txt
original.controlmap.txt - copy of the old controlmap.txt
Xbox 360 Controller Remap.readme.txt - this file
Xbox 360 Controller Remap.png - graphic of button mapping
Xbox 360 Controller Remap.pdf - pdf of button mapping

- Changes are listed at the bottom of this file.
- If the controller mappings don't quite work right, rename or delete
your \ControlMap_Custom.txt file. It might interfere with
this configuration mod.

The D-Pad now moves the entire World Map. The Left Thumbstick still moves the
cursor and eventually the map, but now it is easier to move the map and pan
the camera at the same time.

Extensive re-map of the Hot-Key/Favorites/D-Pad layout. It now fits the
"Shift-modifier" philosophy. All D-Pad buttons map to Hotkeys 1-4 starting
with the D-Pad Left as Hotkey 1 then rotating clockwise.
The only "Shift-modifier" for the entire controller layout is the
Left-Shoulder Button. Therefore to activate the Favorites List, press
Left-Shoulder Button + Right-Thumbstick Click. To access Hot Keys 5-8, press
the Left-Shoulder Button + D-Pad buttons. Finally, to scroll through the
Favorites list, use either thumbstick. (This part takes some getting used to.)

Fixed typos in the documentation that didn't match the actual config file.

Added an optional download that contains only the controlmap.txt file. This file
switches the functionality of the Right Shoulder button and the Left Shoulder

Left Shoulder button = Shout action
Right Shoulder button = Sprint action
Right Shoulder button = Shift modifier (instead of the Left)

- Moved Sprint to the Left Thumbstick Click to free up Left Shoulder Button.
Sprint action is consistent with the Move action of the Left Thumbstick.
LSB is now unassigned but still serves as Shift Modifier.
This should eliminate conflicts with overlapping actions.
- Mapped Back Button to activate the Favorites Menu.
The original mapping of the Back Button was the Character (Tween) Menu.
With the introduction of the Shift-modifier, the Character Menu is now
rarely used, whereas the Favorites Menu is extensively used.
- Mapped the Left Shoulder Button + Left Thumbstick Click Button to the
Character Menu. The menu is still accessible if needed.
- Re-enabled mouse control and cursor mappings as suggested by multiple users.
- Tested with SkyUI.