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Improved vanilla branches + photorealistic genuine Aspen leaves. Including DG winter branches and green variant. 4K/8K versions.

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"Usually I do my mods only for SE. No any disrespect to LE users,
I just suppose that SE version has some advantages.
But following Skyrim 10th Anniversary,
I decided to share this mod here as well. Have fun!" 

I was reluctant to make this mod, but autumn is came and I decided to give it a try. I applied couple of GIMP filters on vanilla branches to make them looking more realistic and bumpy. After that I attached real Aspen leaves to them. I wanted to add slightly more diversity in colors than in vanilla branches.

You can see some of my photosources in image section. Screenshots displays 4K version for SE and made with Silent Horizons ENB alongside vanilla lighting.


Compatible with any other mod that uses vanilla Aspen branches textures. Read your tree mod description to figure this out. This mod is not compatible with Realistic Aspen Trees in any way.


  • Q: Leaves are rotten, full of holes...This is out of place in my sexy-elfy-fantasy setup. Unendorsed!!!    
      A: I can't produce Aspen leaves at home. These are literally almost dead ones, how they supposed to look?

  • Q: It's bright/dull/oversaturated/desaturated.
     A: As always, you can find pngs and make needed corrections.

  • Q: I think we need billboards for this...
     A: Overall tone is pretty close to vanilla, so I suppose many vanilla-like billboards will work fine with these                     branches. 
Those who using green, probably already have suitable billboards too. But if I'm wrong, and it will become       popular request, I'll make them.

  • Q: Umm, so where is SE version?
     A: Aspen Branches Redone SE.


Simply copy files to your data folder. Overwrite if needed.


Just delete files from their respective folders or overwrite it by another textures.


Credit to Kartoffels for treeaspenbranchcomp.tga and treeaspenwinterbranchcomp.tga from CSSET which were best possible basis for making this.

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