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About this mod

This mod will replace the models and textures for potions in the game for higher poly, higher resolution animated liquid versions. It is a back port of Revoith's mod called Awesome Potions Simplified with tweaks to models, and textures done by me.

Permissions and credits
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Awesome Potions Simplified LE





Reason for this mod:

I saw what Revoith had done in SSE using assets from Lucifonxx, and decided to lend a hand to refine it then obtained permissions to release it for SLE with my tweaks.

What does this mod do?:

This mod is a back port of Revoith's excellent mod for SSE called Awesome Potions Simplified by Revoith with modifications done by me.
It changes all potions in the game for animated liquid models that look like filled glass bottles instead of boring solid color bottles.

What modifications did you make?:

Bottles have been resized to be larger and easier to see.
Meshes for bottles,metal, and liquid have been redone higher poly for smoother bottles without sharp edges.
Some of the textures have been redone by me specifically some of the metal parts, and cork. Resolution has been increased.

Installation, and notes:

Use your favorite mod manager or drop contents of the zip file into your skyrim data folder.

 These new models and textures are using vanilla file structure so basically a replacer.

.esp only changes the default model used so it's using a larger bottle model


Changes the  DefaultPoison
Clutter\Potions\PoisonDamageStamina01.nif   to    Clutter\Potions\PoisonDamageStamina03.nif

Changes the DefaultPotion
Clutter\Potions\PotionHealthLesser.nif   to   Clutter\Potions\PotionHealthExtra.nif

Version log:

initial release

Changed collison for fortify skill bottle to better match it's shape.
Moved all of the second largest bottles down slightly to sit completely on a flat surface (matches collision)
Changed all colors for poisons so that they can be distinguished by color and different than stamina color.


Lucifonxx for his original mod, and allowing Revoith to use resources from it

Revoith for his awesome mod for SSE and allowing me to modify it and release it for SLE

Special thanks:

SuicideCommando for play testing this for me since I no longer play SLE and have only a minimal installation of that vewrsion of the game on my computer.

Final thoughts:

Potions have always been kinda boring to me in Skyrim.
Yay! colored bottles. When I saw this I was inspired to spend some time refining it for my own use but also wanted players of SLE to be able to enjoy awesome potions as well.

This mod is opted in for donation points but 100% of them are going to Revoith.

Have fun