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Three picture frames you can add to your upcoming player home mod. It will show any picture you like.

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Update 01.03.2012:
Now there's a round and an oval frame. Each download contains all textures and such, in case you only want a specific one.
Also, all texture paths in the nif of the first (square) frame are missing leading "textures/...". As noone has complained yet, you all seem able to fix it yourself. I don't re-upload that unless someone asks me to.
Oh yeah, and I'm starting to randomize version numbers again. Can't seem to help it, sorry.

***What's this?***
This is me learning Blender.

Did you realize there are no paintings to be found in Skyrim? Only those plate-like thingies (wallbaskets) everywhere. Are you planning to do your own house mod? Would you like some more design options? Then this might be for you!

This download contains a new mesh which was hand-crafted by me (<- rather proud), a wood texture for the frame (plus normal map) and a blank canvas texture (plus normal map) for the painting. You can replace it with any image you like, or leave the choice to your fans.
To use the resource for your mod extract everything in your ...\skyrim\data folder:

meshes\clutter\Grimoas_Picture_Frame\Gri_Picture_Frame.nif (*_circle.nif and *_oval.nif for the updates)

You will have to set up new items using CK, as well as converting whatever image you want your painting to show to dds file format. If you don't know how to do that, read on.

***How to convert images to dds***
Get the dds-converter (;29412)
The image you want to convert has to be square, like 512x512 for example.
Open dds-converter. Browse to the folder containing your image. Unfortunately you can't simple doubleclick it. Instead start typing the name of your image, it should select the right one. Next click the button saying ".\" followed be "convert". All done, theres a in the same folder now. Copy it to ...\skyrim\data\textures\clutter\Grimoas_Picture_Frame\

***How to use the Resource***
Go to Miscellaneous->TextureSet. Edit one of them to point to (diffuse) and (normal/gloss). Remember to change the FormID to get a new object.
I used WorldObjects->Static->Clutter->Wallbasket01 as a template for the painting. Simply replace the nif file with the one from the resource and the texture for "picture" or "plane" to the TextureSet you just created. (Remember to change FormID so you don't alter the wallbasket.)
You can use this to create as many paintings as you like, all of them showing a different picture!

If you want to you could make a house with totally customizable painings, just set up multiple blank TextureSets and according paintings. Instruct your fans on how to convert images to dds and how to name and where to put them to override your blank textures.
I sure would like a mod like that *wink*.

Well, it's a resource, it says so in the title. So of course you are free to use it. I only ask a little credit and a link to this file would be nice. Please do not redistribute this resource but point interessted people here. Thank you!

Blender 3D: From Noob to Pro (a wikibook)
Creating an armour for Skyrim (tutorial on Nexus wiki)
Canvas Texture by ~wulfiesacolyte on deviantart
Wood Texture by Jan Weigand on
Bethesda for a world to mod and tools to use