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This mod adds buildings near villages and cities that offer instant homes for the Dragonborn. These were abandoned by Miraak after he climbed up his own rear and left for Solstheim. Subsequently the Dragon Priest Sanctuary is now an actual sanctuary.

Permissions and credits
Village and City Homes - Mod Version 1.0 by CHRIS3BEVAN

Here is a collection of homes situated near towns and villages to enhance immersive gameplay.  This mod was originally intended to be a single simple player home where I could store the things I gathered in a chest or two (in Riverwood). 

The first house was situated opposite the Sleeping Giant - but other mods had trees and such in that location and it seemed too over the river for my liking. 
I moved it the other end where you see it now - and decided to make The Dragon Priest sanctuary an actual sanctuary.
That took a while - because I wanted to get it just the way I like it.

I then added two more locations in Rorikstead and Ivarstead and left it like this for a long time with the buildings in the game acting like lore friendly places. After a while I realised others might like the mod so I included several other houses near cities (as you see it now) and published it to Nexus after checking play.


* The places to visit include:

** Riverwood House - across the river as you approach Riverwood (standard house).
** Ivarstead House - opposite the bridge (which includes a forge etc at the rear).
** Rorikstead House (standard) and Home - which are situated on the southern end as a farm (with a forge, an under croft, and balcony bar).
** Winterhold House - which is a ruin next to the college entrance that has a cellar that survived the catastrophe.
** Morthal House and Canal Port Ruin - which has an open air forge etc by the docks near the Lumber Mill.
** Windhelm House - across the stables: includes a crafting and dining areas, a display room, kitchen and bedrooms with an outside forging area.
** Solitude House - behind the carriage has a display area a kitchen and dining area and several bedrooms.
** Riften House - has a kitchen and backroom with a utility room including a basement and two bedrooms.
** Dawnstar House - is situated above the mine entrance where you have a great view of the bay from a patio (standard house).

* The Dragon Priest Sanctuary now has:

** A forge with mannequins and weapon racks and the usual sharpening wheel etc. 
** A crafting area to work alchemy and enchanting.
** A library and tables to debate and bookshelves to store your books.
** A kitchen area and storage.
** A dining area near a shrine of the litch (Dragon Priest).
** Bedrooms with meeting table.
** Some corridors that have storage capacity such as chests.

* There is a secret area behind the throne where prisoners are interrogated.
* There is an area where you see early development of the Eye of Magnus.
* There are plans to open a training area - which is found in the present (as the QA Smoke Room).


* There are bound to be issues with mods that have used the same locations.
* You'll have to decide which one to keep and use TSEdit to remove those areas you don't want.

* I can tell you this mod works well with ETaC and JK's Ivarstead (though you may see a rock pile that needs to be disabled near the back porch).
* If you see a tree clipping my stuff - simply (save first) click on it and disable it.


1) You can't miss them - though you need to head toward Dragonbridge to find the entrance to Solitude House.
2) This mod was intended to add buildings in places where they would be seen - even the ruin in Winterhold can't be missed.


Q: Is there a quest?
A: Not really ... but there is a letter in one of the hoses that tells you where you can find the Dragon Ring (a very powerful ring).

Q: Why have you done this mod?
A: Originally, I wanted somewhere I could put my junk - but it grew (and will probably continue to grow).

Q: Is this a Work in Progress?
A: No. This mod is finished ... but if you see an update - I've added something to the mod that will be a pleasant surprise.

Q: Are there any people in this mod?
A: No ... please don't ask me to add them. I haven't decided on that just yet.

Q: What's up with the Dragon Priest Sanctuary?
A: In Labyrinthian present you can go to the QA Smoke cell with the entrance to the sanctuary caved in. 
A: In Labyrinthian past - the same trapdoor will lead to a sanctuary with the entrance to the test area under development.

Q: Can my follower go in these places?
A: Not the Dragon Priest Sanctuary and perhaps others such as Markarth (but usually yes).

Q: Why are there no baths?:
A: Other mods do this - besides: I don't want to limit my audience by clicking the nudity button.

Q: Where is the Dragon Ring?
A: There's a note in one of the houses that tells you where to look - but be warned: 
A: You may find a book that talks of the apocalypse (in the real world) that may contain shocking information.
A: The ring does not make you invincible - but it does increase your ability to kill with one or two hits and your health is restored quicker.


v1.0 - initial release.  

My website link is: white Flag (gaming)