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Small castle with guards, servants, blackmith and a bard.
Plenty of storage and displays for artifacts.
Optional file for Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions included.

Permissions and credits
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Update: Added Hearthfire Multiple Adoption version. It replaces follower beds with kids beds. Adds oven and butter churner to kitchen.


This is expansion to Valsteinn Keep.
It adds walls, gatehouse with working portcullis and servants' quarters.
There are several NPCs; guards, cook, maid, blacksmith and bard. Blacksmith works as a vendor.

Small castle near Rorikstead. It contains all crafting stations.
There are 5 floors: basement, dining room, display room, bedroom, bedroom for followers.
Display room contains displays for:
-Dragon priest masks
-Dragon claws
-Elder scrolls

-Harkon's sword
-Auriel's bow
-Auriel's shield
-Dragonborn Dragon Priests masks
-Black books

This house costs 30000 coins. Sign for purchase is on the gatehouse.
Each floor has 3 small rooms in corners. Enchanting and alchemy benches are located on the dining room floor.
Bedroom has small treasury room that changes depending on how much money is in
it. There is also secret room with vampire coffin in the bedroom.

There are 6 beds for followers on top floor.
All displays are in display room, there are also some weapon racks and plaques scattered around the place.
There's plenty of storage, some of it is custom. All firewood storage is linked.
Bed gives well rested bonus.

LOD meshes are included so you can generate lod with DynDOLOD.

Whole thing is navmeshed and cleaned with TES5Edit.


If you want to upgrade from Valsteinn Keep you should remove all items stored in small storage room near stairs on dining room floor. Everything else should be fine, but backup your save file just in case.



Credits and permissions:

Sjogga - dragon claw display script
skyrimlazz - miraak mask display script
berticus0001 - house purchase script
Icecreamassassin - Dynamic Treasury Resource

This file contains custom resources and new meshes created by myself, if you
want to use any of them be sure to give proper credit.