About this mod

The dwelling of a necromancer and a dark sorcerer in the forests of Falkreath. My Halloween gift for all of you.
Update to 1.2

Permissions and credits
Dead Man's Grin (Voodoo Den)

A hidden and cozy home for your dark deeds :)

It is located in the forest, next to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and the Falkreath Cemetery.
Ideal dwelling for a necromancer, sorcerer, witch, natural magician or just a secretive character who is close to magic.
A natural den in the form of a cave, where each section is divided by stone doors.

Update 1.2.

 - Fixed the Alchemist's cauldron, + added a default lab for those who use the Ordinator Perks. 
 - Fixed the grill. 
 - Fixed lighting. 
 - Added a container for staffs. 
 - Several new flora elements have been added. 
 - Minor bugs have been fixed.

Update 1.1.

What's new?

- more detailed interior and exterior design;
- significantly more flora;
- added a armor workbench, a small magic smelter with a blue flame that increases the blacksmithing skill;
- completely changed the lighting inside to a more natural and pleasant to see. Instead of orange-brown colors, dark green, blue, and gray shades now prevail;
- added clusters of crystals from which you can get black soul gems;
- in the bedroom, boxes with books and a map have been added, see the new screenshots;
- flora and small changes outside, - it didn't affect the fps, I checked;
- separation of containers for the blacksmith into several different ones: ore, hides, ingots;
- new stylized shield container and staff rack.

The mod is made in two translations - Russian and English. 

Have a good game, my little black sorcerers and necromancers :)

What's inside:

- a fire and a pot, a kind of kitchen;
- table with food, containers for food and drinks;
- storage for staffs and weapons;
- forge and storage for smithing materials;
- alchemical cauldron and storage of ingredients, potions, poisons;
- cauldron for enchantments;
- staff workbench;
- an unholy altar with a voodoo doll and various decorative elements for witchcraft;
- bedroom with a chest for clothes and other storage;
- cozy mini-cabinet with storage for books, notes and diaries;
- a lot of flora and mushrooms inside the dwelling;
- atmospheric lighting;
- all objects are static.

The door is locked. To get the key you need to go to the Falkreath cemetery and find a strange grave there.
You will find it without difficulty.
The marker will open when you visit the place.

Requirements: Skyrim, Dragonborn, Hearthfire