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Uniformed Factions uses already in-game vanilla armor to outfit most factions in specific attires.

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The Companions are all uniformed with the faction's Wolf Armor. Despite it only meant to be worn by The Circle, it felt underutilizes in vanilla.

- Athis is given a Skyforge Steel Dagger.

- Torvar is given a Skyforge Steel War Axe. This was to add variety as many Companions already use swords.

- Arnbjorn is given a Skyforge Steel Battleaxe. Despite being apart of the Dark Brotherhood, Arnbjorn was once a member of The Circle within the Companions.

The Silver Hand are uniformed with Steel Armor sets. This was to differentiate them from common bandits as they do in vanilla.

- Silver Hand leaders are given the Steel Horned Helmet as well as the pauldron variant of Steel Armor.

- Silver Hand archers are given Crossbows to better fit their werewolf hunting arsenal.

The Thieves Guild are all uniformed with the brown variant of Thieves Guild Armor, excluding the faction's leaders.

- Maul was given a new outfit that was inspired by a character within the Inconsequential NPCs Mod by Ripple.

- Glover Mallory's Blackguard Armor is now visually identical to the Guild Master's Armor.

The Summerset Shadows are all uniformed with Linwe's Armor. As well as given Elven Weaponry as the faction does originate from the Summerset Isles.

- Linwe's Armor was repurposed to uniform the entire faction rather than having them share the same armor with the Thieves Guild.

The Heroes of Sovngarde are all uniformed with Ancient Nord Armor, as well as given Nord Hero weaponry.

- Mages found in the Hall of Valor are given Hooded Red Robes.

- Olaf One-Eye is given the same Circlet that is worn by Jarl Balgruuf the Greater, as he was the Jarl of Whiterun.

- Ulfgar the Unending is given Stormfang, the same Steel Greatsword he wielded in The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.

- The Helm of Yngol was repurposed to be included within this faction's armory since its a variant of the Ancient Nord Helmet.

The Blood Horkers are uniformed with Hide Armor. This was to better fit their faction's name.

- Haldyn is given a unique mage robe which isn't available in vanilla.

The Black-Briar Mercenaries are uniformed with the same outfit as Maul, being Steel Plate Armor with a Thieves Guild Hood.


- Arch-Curate Vyrthur is given the Ancient Falmer Crown which isn't available in vanilla.

- Vigilant Talon and Tyranus are given the standard Vigilant of Stendarr uniform to give the faction itself more of a purpose rather than just its leaders.

- Talsgar the Wanderer is given Steel Plate Armor to better suit him for the dangerous roads of Skyrim. He's also equipped with a Lunar Steel Sword, a blade he gathered from his travels.

- Svaknir is given a Nord Hero Sword for the same reason for the Heroes of Sovngarde.