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Bring back the Mark & Recall spells from Morrowind into Skyrim with a twist - a portal! No, not THAT Portal :D

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Skyrim's Mark And Recall Teleport Spells (SMARTS)

Exactly like what is written in the small description, this mod introduces the Mark & Recall spells from Morrowind to Skyrim in the form of spelltomes & scrolls that you can buy from the court wizards & conjuration spell vendors throughout Skyrim. These spells will summon a mark & a recall portal respectively on wherever you stand that you can travel from/to at any time quite like what you can see here in the video.

- Teleport back & forth from Mark to Recall portal or vice versa as many times as you want.
- Opening & closing portal animation with related sound effects.
- Custom sound effect for portal idle.
- Custom sound effect for closing portal (reverse sfx of Bethesda's own open portal sound)
- Custom textures for Mark & Recall portal for easy differentiation.
- Vendors list: Madena, Calcelmo, Wylandriah, Sybille Stentor, Farengar Secret-Fire, Wuunferth The Unliving, Phinis Gestor & Falion.
- And probably more later :D

How it works:

- To buy the scrolls or the spelltomes, you need to talk to the vendor twice. Talk -> Buy -> No Item -> Talk Again -> Buy -> The Item Appears. This is due to the way I add the item through scripting so there will be no conflict with other mods that add items to these vendors as well. Do tell me if there's a better way.
- How to add these items using console command. Recommended only if you have already acquire these items & upgrading into a new version. (xx is your SMARTS.esp load order; n is the number of items you want to add)

Mark spell: player.addspell xx002db6
Recall spell: player.addspell xx0058d0
Mark scroll: player.additem xx00a9a3 n
Recall scroll: player.additem xx00a9a5 n

- I knew that there was another Mark and Recall mod here but I just realised about it some 2-3 days ago. Still, the more choices the better for you guys & gals, right? :D
- Finally this mod is at least viable enough for release. As simple as this mod sound, it is actually quite hard & time consuming to create. Made me appreciate even more of what other modders have created so far.

- Fixed a bug where portal bubble animation is not visible after reloading a save game close to it
- Closing a portal will not teleport you when you stand inside it but instead a blast effect will push you out of the portal as originally intended
- Added both Mark & Recall Portal map markers so you can track their locations using quest journal (J key) -> Miscellaneous section.
- Fix the carry weight issue.
- Added an optional file: an experimental version with no time passage between teleportation. This will not work properly with companions.

Known Issues:
- Sometimes the portal animation skips a bit. This is normal & will not affect how the portal work.

Bethesda for some of the mesh & texture assets.

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