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An immersive pack of spells and tools that will help you on your journey. Fully animated.

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Spells and Tools Pack
Author Juhaaaa - Port by Xtudo

An immersive pack of spells and tools that will help you on your journey. Fully animated.

Each spell and tool type come with their own custom animations, which brings more immersion and difficulty as it takes time to apply each effect, so you have to be aware of your surrounding when using them.

  • Whetstones: Increases melee attack damage for a period of time  - Crafted at smelters.
  • Hammer: Increases blocking effectiveness for a period of time - Crafted at forges.
  • Crafting Backpack: Allows you to craft several mod items on the go. Increases carrying capacity.
  • Crafting Crate: Allows you to craft several mod items on the go.
  • Ancient Horn: Brings down dragons from the sky (Alternative Dragonrend). You can only replicate the item at forges when you have the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller in your inventory
  • Acidic berry extract: Heals for 100 hp - Crafted at cooking pots.
  • Perfume: Increases speech skill by 30 points for 300 seconds - Crafted at cooking pots.
  • Injector: Restores 5 magicka, health and stamina per second for 300 seconds. Cures all diseases - The injector itself is crafted at forges and you fill the empty injector at cooking pots.
  • Fire, Frost and Shock salts: Adds a temporary enchantment of corresponding element of the salt for a period of time - Crafted at cooking pots.
  • Bandages: Heals 3 point of Health per second for 30 seconds - Crafted at tanning racks.
  • Mead with Juniper Berry: Restores 3 points of Stamina per second for 3 minutes - Crafted at cooking pots.
  • Salted Horker Meat: Restores 5 points of stamina and magicka per second for 10 seconds  - Crafted at cooking pots.
  • Daedra heart: Salve sword with daedra hear prepared at cooking pots to add a temporary holy fire enchantment that burns target and when killing undead, a chance to cause a fire explosion that turns or destroys nearby undead.
  • Soul Gem Transfusion: Converts Soul Gems in your inventory to one tier above (lesser to common, common to greater...). Requires 100 Magicka per tier.
  • Crystal ward: Cast a 80 damage withstanding ward that stays in front of player - Spell Tome buyable from mage vendors
  • Hunters instinct: Gain enhanced vision to seek out preys - Spell Tome buyable from mage vendors.

Animations work only in 3rd person player exclusive.
Animations won't play while jumping, swimming or sheathing (as expected).
You can buy a recipe book "Vitrium" of mage vendors, or find it at some especial locations, it includes the ingredients and effects of the mod items.

- SE Version here.

I did the port for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it.
Don't forget to endorse and share your screens. :)


  • Juhaaa for creating this awesome immersive mod.
  • LucidAPs for his awesome hi-poly daedra hearth.
  • Mathy79 for the HD pots used in the salts.
  • Byku12345 for the Animation Backport Tutorial mod.
  • meh321 for Address Library.
  • Felisky384 for Dynamic Animation Replacer.
  • XenoShard for helping juhaaa with nifskope.
  • NazeemUzeem for helping out with the script. Structure of his code were used here too..
  • SKSE Team.
  • TkTk for Animation Tools N3 + 28 which includes Animation Tools N3 made by Anton.
  • Dailyplanet for potion assets used in the HD potion.
  • ElSopa for hammer, mead (tankard) and bandage assets.
  • SummerrainRose, CloudBird and TheCinderfly for the HD injector assets used in here.
  • Mathy79 for HD salts assets.
  • Hype1, Jeir and docteure for the backpack assets.
  • Jokerine for box assets.
  • Gamwich for Soul Gem assets.

Especial thanks
  • To my lovely Patreons and supporters.

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