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Telmiltarion is a fully voiced Altmer companion.

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Telmiltarion is a fully voiced Altmer companion.

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Who is Telmiltarion?
Telmiltarion is from Summerset Isle, he has noticed that those he cares most about have disappeared, leaving only him left. He likes his two handed sword and has commentary for where he is and what quests are being completed. He is thoughtful with likes and dislikes, some things he will do and others he will not.

Where is he?
Telmiltarion can be found in the Winking Skeever in Solitude. 

Is he safe to install in my load order?
  • Telmiltarion has his own follower system so he will compatible with every follower/companion and cannot break them. He does not use the Skyrim template for followers.
  • Telmiltarion has been checked with TESVEdit and found to be clean.

What happens if I lose him?
In this version he will come if you call him, In the full version if he is displeased with the player we will no longer come to you.

The mod was updated, what do I do now?
You'll need to dismiss him, clean Telmiltarion from your save, than put the updated pluggin back in and start over. Sorry.

Is he romanceable?
He will have romance options in the full version.

Does he have a personal quest?
In the full version he will have a personal quest tied to affinity and how the player acts around him.

Thank you!!!
A very special thank you to anyone who offers to show their support through donations. If you have donated and you'd like to be listed here, please send me a pm. If you like my work and want to support what I do, please consider a small donation. 
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Telmiltarion SE
Telmiltarion Xbox

Q.) Can we see a video example of him/her?
A.) As he is originally from Summerset, his voice can be heard here

Q.)How many lines of dialogue? How much does he say?
A.)Over 800 lines of professional quality voice acting currently.

Q.) He doesn't have dialogue for me to recruit him, why?
A.) In an effort to reduce heavy scripting, for now, Telmiltarion does not have recruitment lines for Vampire Lord players.