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Spooning in Inns

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I rarely rent beds in Inns because I prefer the bedrolls. Plus when I enter the BanneredMare I get this sickly feeling because I know it's just a matter of time before I eventually kill Mikael for singing Ragnar The Red again. But this is for all of you that have been asking for it. The Inns that I found with double beds are:

The Reach - Old Hroldan Inn
Kynesgrove - Braidwood Inn
Whiterun - The Bannered Mare
Falkreath - Dead Man's Drink
Solitude - The Winking Skeever
Morthal - Moorside Inn (found by philghost)

note worthy questions: Load order does not matter. If a double bed in any of these 6 inns has been moved from their vanilla placement then this mod will need to be edited to reflect those new placements. This mod was created to allow for follows to use inn beds for those people using Auto Sleep For Me Now and Sleep For Me Now If your followers are using inn beds w/ out problems then you don't need this mod.

This mod has been checked against the Unofficial Skyrim (SE) Patch. if you find any more Inns that I'm missing let me know and I'll add them. There are two versions of this mod for download. One for the follower assuming the submissive bed position (spoonee) and a version for the follower assuming dominant position (spooner). So if you play as a female you probably want your male followers to use the spooner position and vice versa for playing as a male.

Now I know it's not your fault and I'm not blaming you for anything, you can't help the way you were born. But because we have so many endorsing impaired downloaders even after coming back and download a 4th update. I've also enabled the feature to turn on your computer after you have fallen asleep, open up the mod page and click the "Endorse" button. Then go to your kitchen check the fridge and eat any and all cold cuts and drink any beer you may have. The first place that will be searched is the crisper drawer, where you think everybody else thinks that is where you keep the lettuce. To the usual endorsers THANK YOU!