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version 1.53
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"Blade of Eplear" adds a new sword with a unique scabbard and detailed textures to Skyrim. The sword is craftable (Elven Smithing) and improvable at any blacksmith. If you don't want to craft it, skip to "Location".

I am still working on a 'Bosmer Weapons'-mod which will introduce a whole bosmer weapon set to the game.

Version 1.53
material edited

Version 1.52
both swords are unique now (not leveled)
Aevril idle animations optimized

Version 1.51
two handed version smithing fix
two handed version inventory fix
material improved

Version 1.5
two handed version added
smithing recipes improved

Version 1.0
inventory image resized
statistic balanced

Version 0.99
location added
mapmarker added

Version 0.921
meshes path fixed
textures path fixed
smithing perk fixed
statistics (damage, weight, value, etc) adjusted

Go to Falkreath. Now take the south western path, which leads then to the northwest.
Follow this route until you are between the Lake Klinalth and some small mountains.
Now take the eastern path until you see something like a treehouse.
There will be a NPC with the name Aevril and he gots the sword equiped.

Attention! Aevril is an aggressive level 35 NPC!

If this instruction isn't understandable, look at the Location image above.

All Credit goes to CentificGrafics aka. Rafael Hayduk

Special thanks to:
-ProJECTz3 for german translation
-Eriko for russian translation
-Moorelf for french translation
-Azarian for czech translation
-SaioTV for the great review/feature

If you got any bugs, please send me a detailed bug report e-mail to "[email protected]".

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