About this mod

Fully immerse yourself to highly enhanced fidelity of 8k and 4k super parallax textures.

Permissions and credits
Hai, so long time no see. This is a big big BIG skyrim mod I've been working on! Retexturing all of skyrim fortresses. Every single texture is handcrafted from super high quality source images I took myself. (Sorry, I'm not like those fancy bois like in SE that do procedural textures :-d)

Most of the main files are at 8192x8192 resolution, so yeah the PERFORMANCE HIT IS NOTICEABLE ((probably), I had 20fps loss indoors, laughingcryingemoji), but who really even cares about that, hah hah... Anyhow, even the 4k textures are downscaled from 8k, this mainly because working with 8k files makes you want to tear your hair out and I was too lazy. They still are super sharp and fit perfectly tho. 

- This overhaul contains parallax enabled meshes of all the interior and exterior buildings( walls, floors, ceilings and sht). I also edited some meshes to fit better in the scene and recoloured all of the annoying and disgusting looking vertex colours to a more suitable colourscheme of the style. 

- I also retextured and envmapped all the cage/jail + door meshes, so they look grue but shiny. (the cubemap used in this is made by "MTichenor" from SkyRealism so kudos to him!)

- Textures are based of this "limestone white rock" which is my personal skyrim's theme. Note on that, I might do a grue and darker version in the future.

I originally made this for my personal use, but then thought why not share it with people.
PS: This mod also goes well with my same styled rock mod "Pimped up rocks"
Enjoy! :)