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My plan.

Hello everyone.
I am the bearer of good tidings
patche note. Next update - coming soon.
sorry i missing one key details...this is your a wating my mod.

1.The lich's power spell is destruction spear.
2.Lich is stronger than before.
- Health gauge 100% -> Nomal attack.
- 70% -> More powerful magic show you.
- 30% -> Lich is kill you. New destruction spear can use.
3.Fix White knight and black night is very stronger than before.
Health gauge 30% -> increased attack speed. u don't see the whiteknight's attacking.
4.Ancient Dovah&Five blades.
-Wait!! .

Very strong and bigger boss monsters.

This is named bosses in skyrim.

I see you recommend WiS and DD :o I use both AND Skyrim Monster Mod. I believe there's no issues between none of these 4 and all together your Skyrim is very much harder, thus, funnier :3

WiS VI - DD - Named bosses in skyrim I - bloodcoin

Hail, adventurer! [:-)]

This mod adds a number of new, challenging foes to Skyrim, which can be found somewhere within the world. Can you find them all?

The new bosses you may encounter are:


Bug fixed - Standing droop Draugr... not anymore stand and droop.
Death knight shout -Marked of death -> Disarm/skull:added ash file on death.You can upgrade weapons(death knight weapon,white knight weapon)

1. Death Knight

The mighty Death Knight would enjoy nothing more than cooking your flesh for dinner.
However, if you manage to defeat it, you may acquire its powerful weapon and even further upgrade it with the right materials.

[Flame of death

The death knight drop this sword.

A meteor hit the enemy(probability:10%)

2. White Knight

Constantly travelling with a large escort of black knights, the White Knight searches for a worthy opponent.
Defeating it shall give you his own blade, also ready to be further upgraded.

Rage of sky

The white knight drop this sword..

A lightning hit the enemy(probability:10%)

3. Skull Trio

Unholy magic was used to animate these human skulls and they constantly seek human victims, perhaps to increase their number.

4. Baphomet

A vile mutant between man and goat, the Baphomet is a protector of all goat-kind and its subjects follow it wherever it goes.
Defeating shall also yield a prize. Its powerful staff.

Resurrection of the Lich+New spell

New spell


My plan is.........

Another boss monster....

1.Dancing sword

2.Ancient dovahkin

3.Knights templar


5.Lich[(wizard) 1.1v]

Let me know enything else you need, please comment.