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West of Windhelm lies an abandoned tower called Blood Iron Veil. It was once a sanctuary of Alathorn, a former member of the dragonguard but now lies in ruin.

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Blood Iron Veil
by: venjhammet

A Halloween dungeon to enjoy this Month.

Thousands of years ago there was this powerful dunmer warrior named Alathorn, a member of the dragonguard who build a Sanctuary West of Windhelm but somehow disappeared along with the abandonment of the place. Until recently an unusual activity has occurred and the Vigilant of Stendarr went to investigate that place. Rumor has it that a group of vampire has been seen occupying that dreadful place.

- dungeon uses only vanilla assets and has five (5) large cells and a new realm space
- a dark atmosphere and fully detailed imperial dungeon
- radiant quest enabled and atleast level 20 is required.
- enemy npc uses only vanilla stats except for some bosses who will level up with you
- different type of enemies and new semi powerful bosses to fight
- bring followers if you must or die alone
- This is compatible with my Hammet's Dungeon Packs


-vampire npc removed from Volkihar faction and set as vampire faction only

-minor fixed of optimization cube on 1st cell
-removed skeleton corpse on 2nd cell which causes lag
-added a few more rooms to explore and fight
-tone down to standard difficulty to be radiant quest friendly

other mods that places the same location as to where this dungeon is located.

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