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West of Solitude, amidst the desolate wilds, rests the Tomb of Vasik—a once esteemed necromancer who defied Alduin's priesthood, facing exile for his rebellion.

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The Tomb of Vasik
by: venjhammet

Embark on a daring quest beyond the western borders of Solitude, delving into the shadowed recesses of Grimvault Hall. Within its ancient catacombs lies the resting place of Vasik, an enigmatic necromancer of old, whose powerful relic beckons to those bold enough to seize it.

Brave adventurers are called to navigate the treacherous depths of Grimvault Hall, braving forgotten traps and arcane guardians to uncover the secrets buried within. Will you emerge victorious, clutching the coveted relic in your hands, or succumb to the dark forces that dwell within these haunted halls? The answer awaits those who dare to embark on this perilous journey.

This was my very first dungeon mod I made way back in 2012. It's just a reworked and I did some minor changes, improvements, and optimization. But I decided to release it as a standalone mod. I am also planning on reworking all of my dungeons in the pack and will be releasing them as individual mods.

Changes of this reworked dungeon:
-it now uses all vanilla stats to include bosses
-the tomb is renamed Grimvault Hall but still in the same location west of Solitude
-optimized every cell for better framerate
-removed the dragon claw as a requirement to unlock Vasik's Tomb, so no more keys to find
-no port to console. Nexusmods exclusive only
-no posting on another site, please
-compatible with all of my other Standalone Dungeons, Hammet Dungeon Pack 1 & 2, New Vominheim and Valefrost


-added lore book for Vasik
-changed light template on all cells
-day and night cycle will now reflect looking at the hole on the ceiling
-expanded a little at the final cell
-added more books and shelves

-added Skybox lighting
-removed radiant quest enabled
-increase to very hard difficulty
-an optional update for those who already played it

-fixed the misalignment of the portal marker on the 1st cell
-different draugr names and less annoying shout, only semi-boss has shout power
-semi bosses have unique names

-fixed the optimization cube not properly aligned on the 1st cell
-fixed Vasik's Shade has no spell to cast
-all semi boss enemy npc now have their proper weapon according to their power

This mod will remain Nexusmods exclusive, with no port to another site.

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