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Skyrim - An Alternate Reality


This mod provides an alternative start where you will begin a new game
in a similar way to the default game as a traveller crossing the border
from Cyrodiil to Skyrim, but in this reality you do not run into the
Imperials and therefore do not become a prisoner destined for execution.

Your personal timeline from this point onward is now different. Because
you are not captured, your destiny is also changed. You don't get to meet
Ralof or Hadvar in Helgen, meaning you don't receive word to travel to
Riverwood and then consequently, to Whiterun. In this reality, Alduin has
not returned and your destiny to become 'Dovahkiin' has dissolved into the
threads of some unrealised reality in some unrealised universe.

Here, in this world, you are now free to go where you want, when you want.

Who will you be? What race are you? Do you seek adventure, wherever it lies?
Or do you live the quiet life, minding your own business? Will you become a
strong warrior or a powerful mage? A married family man, earning an honest
wage, or a sneaking thief, simply stealing everything you desire?

Whichever path you choose, you will start at the bottom with very little and
have to slowly work your way up. Good luck!

The game still begins with the titles and intro music as before. When the titles
fade, your character will be walking into Skyrim from close to the border with
Cyrodiil. For a few short seconds, you will not be able to control movement or
have access to the game menu. You will then get to pick your race and appearance
as normal. An on-screen message box will welcome you to the world and from this
point on, you will have full control.

The town of Helgen, although deserted, is now fully intact and open to you.

There are still lots of references in the game to the dragons returning and the
attack at Helgen etc, but you'll just have to ignore all that! I *MAY* consider
working on an update that removes/alters these references, but that will be a
major undertaking.

High Hrothgar will remain locked as the location is only relevant to the main quest.

Word Walls are useless to you because you are not dragonborn and have no shouts.

The whole point of this mod is to play without the main quest and to live a life
free from dragons and the whole 'dragonborn destiny'. However, if you wish to get
into the main quest, simply enter the following in the console:

setstage mq102 30

This will update your journal with instructions to head to Whiterun with news of
the dragon attack on Helgen. From here on, the main quest will run as normal.

There are two versions in this folder. One with normal starting map markers and
the other with all starting markers disabled until you discover them. To install,
place the plugin and 'scripts' folder (from the version of your choice) into your
Skyrim/Data folder.


February 2012