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An outfit especially designed for mages. 9 items. Female only. Includes armored version.

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College Prestige Mage Outift
by Xtudo

An outfit especially designed for prestigious female mages. 

It includes 9 items:
  • The main outfit
  • Main outfit with trousers
  • College of Winterhold Amulet
  • Circlet and piercing
  • Earrings
  • Traveling Bag
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Side Dagger

All items can be forged.
Included an armored version too, with the same statics than the vanilla Studded Leather armor. All the armored items can be upgraded.

I did it for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it.
Don't forget to endorse and share your screens. :)

SE-AE version here.

I want to thank all this modders for their hard work and for make it free for the community, truly awesome.

Especial thanks
  • To my lovely Patreons and supporters.

Some stories where Cyb wears the outfit:

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