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Restoring 'Solo Album Productions' mod that allows you to play as 15+ new races, which has been continued privately until now.
1.1 Update is finally complete. New races out too.

Permissions and credits
*Disclaimer: This is not my mod, I'm just helping my friend 'Solo Album Productions', and his fans by restoring his work. He told me whilst the old version is still available, there are new updates taking place. So this is the up-to-date version.

Also he has a discord server if you want to directly talk to him. It has been re-organized recently.
*Please pay attention to Updates and Notes. It could make or break your experience and are subject to change.

July - Present Update:

- Stand-Alones and SE Ports are on their way.

July 6th/7th Update:

- Added Skeleton for Super Battle Droid and IG-88 to 'Art Assets - Pack 2 (HRP)' so that the fix will be supplied there too.
- Missing Recipes added
- Naga 1 Race fixed (by restoring head)

July 2nd 2022 Update:

-Some craftable items didn't have names (and I believe this rendered them un-craftable). This should be fixed for most if not all items.

-Some shields did not show up in game because they didn't have the right settings, which are now set.

-The Super Battle Droid and IG-88 Races did not have the skeleton needed for them supplied originally. It has now been included with the 'Main Files (HRP)' download and will be required for those that want to play as those races.

-New Races: Ash Hopper Humanoid, Horker Humanoid, Craat (Mud Crab Humanoid), Slaughterfish Humanoid, Spider Humanoid, Silt Strider Humanoid and
Chaurus Humanoid.

June 26th 2022 Update:

1.1 Update applied and finished across the board.

-Gaps filled where needed for the original 11 races (e.g. Corprus Victim will have craftable weapons)
-1.1 Updates newly applied to the last 15 races
New skins/subraces, new weapons, new armors, new taunts and First Person hand models where applicable

Next month should be new races, stand-alones and SE Ports.

21st Sept 2021 Update:

"Thanks to MeisterB for porting our work to XBOX One (Older, 11 race version)"


  • Pahmar Raht now shows up in the racemenu
  • Broken races (Ohmes types two and three, Xivilai type 1, Old pair of Xivilai) are removed.
  • Female variant of Ohme is now merged with Male Ohme and either can be selected via adjusting the sex dial in the race menu
  • Remember those default eyes that would show up and need you to select another race, then select back? Those are gone. You'll never see that inconvenience/bug again


5 new races:

  • Dwarven Defender
  • Skaafin
  • Ice Tribesman
  • Ruinach
  • Grummite

+ 10 additional races

  • Air Atronach
  • Batwing Demon
  • IG-88
  • Katakan
  • Super Battle Droid
  • Rotfiend
  • Scurver
  • Elemental Triad
  • War Revenent
  • Riekr

All implemented in basic fashion.

More updates to come. Race entry work, skins, etc.


All races and their variants can be selected in the Race Menu.

Race Menu Fix: If you don't download the art assets that correspond with a race, then you'll crash if you select it in game. The only way to fix this is to download all art assets so that when you're scrolling through races it doesn't crash upon loading up a race you haven't downloaded (which the vanilla race menu does by default when scrolling). Alternatively, get the famous Race Menu mod by 'expired' so that the race menu doesn't do that. That way you'll by default upon loading a new game will have the Nord pre-loaded, and then you can carefully scroll and select the race of your choice.

Skaafin/Transparency Fix: You need Race Menu so that you can avoid loading the Skaafin race which will make your character model
transparent. [Skaafin also doesn't work at all anymore].
If you happen to select the Skaafin either by accident via the above, modded Race Menu or in the vanilla Race Menu (i.e. on your way to select a race listed beneath the Skaafin), and your character model becomes transparent, go along with it and then when you're done, open up the command console, click on your character and enter in the command 'recycleactor' and it should fix it. This won't work on the Skaafin though.

These races have a Humanoid Gameplay Style. They will be able to do most anything that the vanilla races can.

Third person only for the 10 new races.

You can craft race-based items at the forge for 1 gold each.

They told me they have videos they made that they're gonna upload so you can check it out below.