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This mod add new tower in snow elf architecture.

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Auri-el White - Gold Tower is tower, build in snow elf architecture. We cannot see it normaly in Skyrim, only in Forgotten Valley, but now, one of their building is in Skyrim itself. 
One thing, it isn´t lore friendly, so, if you are this person, you don´t need to download it, but if you like snow elf architecture, this is one of your buildings. 
Sadly, this is my last mod for Oldrim, from now, I will upload only for Skyrim SE, but i will try give new updates for mods, what are now in Oldrim from me. 

One more thing: If you want to get to the top of the tower, you have to have it with you initiate's ewer  from Gelebor and place it on pedesta in upper room in tower. 

If you are looking for old version of this mod (or if you like the old version much more than this new one) there it is: Auri-el White-Gold Tower (old version) 
And if you want same textures as I have for better look, look at this mod: CleverCharff´s Forgotten Vale by RiJoBa