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This is a backport of Fantasy Soundtrack Project for Skyrim Legendary Edition.

Permissions and credits
I decided to backport this mod because it's only avaible for SSE but not for Legendary Edition. For the more details you can visit the original mod page. This mode wasn't made by me! AceeQ is the original author!

Fantasy Soundtrack Project

Skyrim Legendary Edition


Fantasy Soundtrack Project provides 800+ minutes (12+ hours) of new music for TESV: Skyirm. 235+ orchestral and instrumental fantasy/epic music tracks for exploring, towns, taverns and castles.

You can choose between REPLACER and NON-REPLACER version.

The music tracks were created by many diverse artists and most tracks are from jamendo.com, where you can download non-commercial and free to use music. You can find links to the diverse artists on the bottom of this page (credits), where you can download their music for free!

Also Dawn of Hope Music AddonAdditional Music Project by EvilblueKoala and Skyrim Soundtrack Expansion are included into Fantasy Soundtrack Project. A big thanks to the original creators. They deserve an endorsement too!

All tracks were distributed to the diverse regions of skyrim. You will hear different tracks for forest, reach, tundra, marsh and snow regions.

  • 160 tracks for exploring
  • 24 tracks for towns
  • 10 tracks for taverns
  • 8 tracks for castles 
  • 11 tracks for dungeons
  • 4 tracks for sovngarde
  • 10 tracks for dawnguard DLC
  • 8 tracks for dragonborn DLC
  • Optional: 20 epic combat tracks

235 music tracks (converted into xwm and extreme compressed for small file size).
This mod uses no scripts and is safe to use/install and uninstall.

Optional Combat Music Plug-in: This optional file can be choosen while installation. It adds 20 epic combat tracks to the combat music playlists. 12 normal combat tracks & 8 boss tracks.

Download the mod manually or with Nexus Mod Manager and install the mod with any mod manager you want. For uninstalling just disable the mod in your mod manager. The mod comes with an installer that lets you choose between Replacer and Non-Replacer version and also contains the optional combat music.