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Restoring DW's RTS mod which is now being rebranded.

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*Disclaimer: This is not my mod, I'm just helping my friends over at Disgruntled Wombats, and their fans by restoring their work. They told me whilst the old version (RTS) is still available, there are new updates / a rebranding is taking place. So this is the up-to-date version.

Also they have a skyrim animation discord if you want to directly talk to them


14th Sept 2021 Update:

Fanfare Update.
When you claim a location as your own, a victory fan fare tune will play and a narrator will announce your victory. Also a victory taunt will play (a placeholder for now).

9th Sept 2021 Update:

Adds five new forts (one of which has been made distinct).
Adds Animated Armory to the project.
You can test out that trade deal test if you want (see the below video).

Be sure to always check the DOCS tab for essential information.


This is a spiritual successor to the RTS mod we tried making before. It takes two key  
elements from it. The 'Friendly Mode' base building and the single player campaign
in which you would take-over skyrim.

It will also be absorbing the Enhanced Interaction Mod.

Friendly Mode building will allow the player to gain some new benefits out of crafting.
The Single Player Campaign will allow players to bend the entirety of skyrim to their
The EIM elements will allow players to make use of the landscape around them.

What this creates is a rebranded project that finally has the format it was looking for.

We always wanted a Skyrim with a sense of consequence permanence and interactivity.
During vanilla gameplay you never truly make a connection with anything. Everything's
a matter of going from point a to point b and nothing else. This project seeks to
make all parts of skyrim meaningful. No matter where you are, you can do something
useful or fun.

How to play:

Go to any of the applicable locations (listed below), & defeat the inhabitants
in combat.

Then activate a 'Claim' Shrine (locations also listed below). They will all come
back to life and will be friendly to you. In essence you will be converting
enemies to your cause rather than fighting them again and again.

Note: You must defeat ALL the enemies in a location to claim it. Once you claim
an area, they will always be on your side. Even if the cells reset. Enemy cont
listed below.

This was achieved by painstakingly deleting the randomized bandits from these
locations and replacing them with unique npcs that could be molded, and present
players with consequence permanence.

Go check the DOCS tab on this mod page to get an overview of what has is available to do and what has be done across Skyrim.

Future Updates:

AI Package Update
(Observe your minions idle in real time)

Follower Update
(recruit a follower to come with you on your journeys)

Harvest Update
(reap the fruits of your minions' labour)

More locations

More distinctions
(race, gender, height, combat type, modded weapons and armor, dialogue, appearance)

EIM integration
Resource collection, separate base building, destructible objects


We recommend you use this mod in a separate save game than your main one. It changes way too much. The Civil War quest is essentially disabled to make this run properly.

Any mods that inject NPCs will clash with this mod big time. It will defeat the purpose of defeating enemy camps and making friends of enemies.

Any mods to do with Civil War obviously won't be compatible here.
This mod deletes Civil War troops from all applicable, converted areas. They will never show up to contest you. If you want to fight in the name of the
legion or stormcloaks - go play the vanilla game or perhaps opt for one of many civil war mods. We're going in a different direction here.
Exhibitions are a possibility in the future however.

They told me that they have a video for this mod so here it is: