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Clavicus Vile is offering eight amazing wishes for his followers in Skyrim. Just worship and praise him, and he will grant your wishes. Maybe. There might be a few catches. Wish for pockets full of riches, and he puts the riches in somebody else's pockets! Spells, slaves, and even your own inn are wishes granted!

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This mod places eight shrines to Clavicus Vile throughout various places in Skyrim. The shrines will teleport you to Clavicus Vile's Temple in Oblivion. From there, there are eight doors that lead to the various shrines where you can read the words left by Clavicus Vile and fill the Bitter Cup, hoping that your wishes will be granted. Drink from the cup if you dare! Each one comes with a serious drawback as well.

There is also a cult of 5 peddlers selling prayer books that will also bring you to the Temple (in case you don't run into any shrines, the cult members are more conspicuously placed). 

Inside the Temple, you will find this etched tablet with "instructions" to begin your quest. When you are brought before this tablet again, touch the small figure.