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This mod adds the mansion of a magician named Moddor.
It is located south of Lake Ilinalta.
Come and discover it...

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A comic can be found in the 'Images' tab above on the right.

It will introduce you to the mod and
provide you informations on:


 Moddor's Manor

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Thanks :
Many thanks to Tissendel, co-author of the mod. She will have been the little fairy that i met on the site 'La Confrérie des traducteurs '. She will have helped me enormously and supported me until the end. Without her, this mod would never have seen the light of day. Thanks again for everything Tissendel.   

A big thank you also to Thorgrim (alias Aphazel), the mod screenshooter. He had shown patience and excellence in his work. He is the author of all the screens used for the presentation of this mod. Thanks again for everything.
Some words of Thorgrim :
I  would like to thank Pandorable
for all the mods she is creating to make the world of Skyrim more attractive. She has tons of NPC replacements and followers you can hire for your adventures.
Nevri and Savos Aren are not included in the mod but you can find them in the cartoon, don't forget to read it ! It took us a lot of time.
Thanks to all modders and screenarchers who keep this community alive.
Now it's your turn to make this mod alive by taking beautiful pics !
for more pictures :
 My Flickr account

 Additional images of the mod it's here
Ásdís and Bragi are my characters.
Mods used for my pictures :
My ENB :
Serenity ENB
Nevri the apprentice was made by Pandorable
Savos Aren replacer also by Pandorable
NPC are wearing Mage robes of Winterhold by Babboncru :

Many thanks to Nagaborn, screenshooter and cineast of the mod in its infancy. His help and skill were hugue in the early days of the mod when it was still called 'Breizh Maner'. Thanks again for everything Nagaborn.
His page Youtube

But also a big thank you to JanetLee and Febrith Darkstar for their interests in this project.

Many thanks toAmevenastral9 , Elondith, Franck213, Marmotte for their encouragements and advices.

Many thanks to La confrérie des traducteurs, especially A., Lyssandre and Meeps.

Additional informations about the mod:

The mansion : It is located south of Lake Ilinalta, near the Half-Moon sawmill. There are fast moves on your map. You don't need a key to enter.

The two large wings (sides) of the mansion : They are not accessible, so both from the outside and from the inside of the mansion, you will not be able to access them. In fact, this will surely be the next step for this mod.

In the enchantment spaces : The enchantment Organ and the Dark Arts enchantment altar each have at least one enchantment table, one staff enchanter, as well as one disenchanter you allowing you not to break your weapon.

My advices:

-If you use a wood re-texture mod in the mansion (the light wood of Whiterun), the visual rendering will not be the one that has been worked on, it will be different.

  -If you want to remove decorative elements, or add more, i advise you to use mods, such as 'Jaxon Positionner' for example.

    -If you want to rename the mansion or containers, i advise you to use mods, such as 

            'Jaxon  Renammer' for example.


Creations such as the pantheon of ancient Nordic gods wall tapestries and small paintings were created by Tissendel. The same goes for the functional butter churn in the kitchen and the disenchanters present in the enchantment spaces.

The music used in the enchantment spaces are 'Hilyard - Inverted Horizon' and
'Lesa Listvy - Evening by the Lake'

Description version2.0 : Add Children's Univers. A wing of the manor has been created with 10 beds for kids,a chamber for the chambellan, and a classroom.

The magician Fairy 3D model was bought on Sketchfab at Inciprocal (the creator, super work)

We wish you a good visit,

looking forward to seeing you again