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This mod replaces the 8 combat songs in the game with 8 new intense orchestral compositions, making for a more invigorating and energized combat experience.

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Manual Installation: 

1) Extract the .rar file
2) Copy the "data" folder
3) Paste it into your "Skyrim" folder
4) Open Skyrim's Launcher
5) Select "Data Files"
6) Check the box for "Energized_Combat_Music.esp"

Manual Uninstallation:

1) Go to [Steamapps>Common>Skyrim>Data>Music>Combat]
2) Remove the 10 xwm files named:


3) Go to [Steamapps>Common>Skyrim>Data]
4) Remove the 1 esp file named:


Track List - Spotify Links:

"mus_combat_01.xwm" - En Garde
"mus_combat_02.xwm" - Approach
"mus_combat_03.xwm" - Nimble Duelists
"mus_combat_04.xwm" - Unyielding
"mus_combat_06.xwm" - Test of Power
"mus_combat_boss.xwm" - Now or Never

"mus_combat_boss_02.xwm" - Strong  < *Top Song*

"mus_combat_boss_03.xwm" - Insurgence

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Extra info if you need it: (For Manual Installation, Not Mod Manager Download)

The only mods that this should NOT be compatible with are ones that add the exact same xwm files in the exact same location (such as another any other mod that adds combat music or boss music).

About the xwm files:
The 10 xwm files are located: [Steamapps>Common>Skyrim>Data>Music>Combat], which means it will now use these files when initiating combat instead of the original Skyrim combat music files.

About the esp file:
The 1 esp file is located: [Steamapps>Common>Skyrim>Data]. The esp file is for the custom-timed music end points that I set up, so when exiting combat, the game will know when to fade out the music. Without this, some of the songs might keep playing until their actual end, instead of fading out at one of the custom points somewhere in the middle of them.

About the cg files:
-The 2 xwm files with "cg" in their names are both just copies of one of the other songs. (For example: "mus_combat_04_cg.xwm" is the exact same file as "mus_combat_04.xwm"). They were like that in the base game's bsa files, so I wanted to make sure my version was the same. That's why there's 10 xwm song files instead of 8 (1 for each song).