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This mod retextures most armors and weapons from the popular mod "Vigilant" by Vicn. Uses Vigilant's Hi-res pack textures as a base and some upscaled textures. I tried to stay true to the original designs as much as possible.

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SE version available Here!

Vigilant Armors and Weapons Retexture LE


The idea for this mod started after I played Vicn's Vigilant quest mod for the first time. It quickly became my favorite quest mod. I loved all of it, especially the last act. My only issue with this mod, was that some of the armor and weapon textures seemed a bit low-resolution and some of the colors looked a bit off to me. Since I've had a lot more free time lately, I decided I would try to retexture most of Vigilant's armor and weapons. This mod is just a personal project of mine, but since I haven't seen any mod on the nexus that retextures all of Vigilant's armors and weapons in one, I decided I would upload it here. I'm open to any suggestions, as long as it is constructive!


This mod retextures most armors and weapons from the popular mod "Vigilant" by Vicn. All textures use vigilant's Hi-res textures as a base and some upscaled textures (Chest armor textures are all 2k and other textures are 1k). I tried to stay true to the original designs as much as possible. None of the textures are made 100% from scratch, I used Vigilant's Hi-res textures and used a texture upscaler software on some of the textures that are not part of the hi-res pack, then brought them in Photoshop where I tweaked the colors, added details and in some cases replaced part of the textures. I also redid the metalness and Specular maps from scratch. 

Version 2.0

 Version 2.0 brings many changes! Every single texture was modified, from subtle updates to major changes. Here's what's part of this update:

  • Replaced all chainmail with a new, better version
  • Whenever possible, replaced my upscaled textures with textures from Vigilant's Hi-res pack
  • Tweaked colors and reflectivity for a few sets
  • Redid all Auroran Sets. The monochrome version was a lot more popular than the 2 color version, so I focused on making the monochrome version as good as I could. But this came with the drawback that the two color version doesn't work well, so I removed it. I'll consider trying to bring it back if I get requests for it.
  • Fixed various errors
  • Saved textures using proper compression
    All before/after images are updated to version 2.0

Here are the armors and weapons retextured by this mod:


  • Auroran Armor
  • Auroran Guardian Armor
  • Auroran Valkyrie Armor
  • Belharza's Dragonblood Knight Armor
  • Belharza's Dragonmaster Knight Armor
  • Belharza's Dragonrider Armor
  • Black Worm's Armor
  • Blademaster Armor
  • Bloody Armor
  • Burnt Laza Armor
  • Emperor Gorieus' Armor
  • Gardener's Armor
  • Gloom Armor
  • Gorieus' Dragonblood Knight Armor
  • Gorieus' Dragonrider Armor
  • Healer of Pailune Armor
  • Helm of the Wasteland Guardian
  • Holy Brother of Marukh Armor
  • Knight of Akatosh
  • Knight of Akatosh (Rusty)
  • Knight of Arkay Armor
  • Knight of Arkay Armor (Rusty)
  • Knight of Diagna Armor
  • Knight of Dibella Armor
  • Knight of Dibella armor (Sun)
  • Knight of Julianos Armor
  • Knight of Julianos Armor (Steel)
  • Knight of Kynareth Armor
  • Knight of Kynareth Armor (Silver)
  • Knight of Mara Armor
  • Knight of Mara Armor (Silver)
  • Knight of Stendarr Armor
  • Knight of Stendarr Armor (Gold)
  • Knight of Talos Armor
  • Knight of Talos Armor (Rusty)
  • Knight of Zenithar Armor
  • Knight of Zenithar Armor (Steel)
  • Kynareth's Archer Armor
  • Kynareth's Archer Armor (Brown)
  • Kynareth's Archer Armor (Purple)
  • Laza of Order Armor
  • Mara Armor
  • Mara Armor (Silver)
  • Morihaus' Armor
  • Order Shield
  • Paladin Armor
  • Paladin Armor (Rusty)
  • Pelinal's Robes
  • Pilgrim Clothes
  • Pilgrim (Black)
  • Pilgrim (Brown)
  • Pilgrim (Red)
  • Reman's Shock Corps Armor
  • Slave Trader's Armor
  • Umaril's Armor
  • Vagrant Armor
  • Witch Hunter Armor


  • Belharza's Dragonblood Knight Spear
  • Belharza's Dragonmasyer Knight Spear
  • Broken Sword
  • Blade of Mercy
  • Emperor Gorieus' Sword
  • Flame Sword of Mara
  • Frost Sword of Mara
  • Gorieus' Dragonrider Sword
  • Great Sootsword of Trinimac
  • Greatsword of Order
  • Sword of Order
  • Greatsword of the Stone Pursuer
  • Hammer of Mara
  • Hammer of Mara (Silver)
  • Khajiki
  • Knight of Dibella Greatsword
  • Knight of Dibella Sword
  • Knight of Kynareth Spear
  • Knight of Kynareth Spear (Silver)
  • Mercy of Stendarr
  • Moonsword of Jode
  • Morihaus' Greatsword
  • Paladin Spear
  • Paladin Spear (Rusty)
  • Rapier of the Whisperer
  • Reman's Shock Corps Arquebus
  • Sootsword of Trinimac
  • Vigilant Greatsword
  • Vigilant Sword
  • Vigilant's mail Breaker
  • Bard's Dagger
  • Zenithar's Anvil
  • Zenithar's Anvil (Steel)


Choose only 1 file (see file description for details). Simply install using your favorite mod manager or drop the files in your Skyrim/data folder.


This mod Does not modify Vigilant's BSA and/or ESM/ESP, it is simply loose files, so it is safe to use with any version of Vigilant. 
A few of the mesh files are tweaked to change the cubemap and/or shader settings. If you use any mod that modifies these meshes, the final result won't look as intended.


Thank you for giving this mod a chance! If you haven't tried Vigilant yet, I highly recommend it! Special thanks to Vicn for creating this amazing mod and to Aelarr for the amazing English voice Add-on! If anyone has suggestions or requests, feel free to do so!

If you liked my mod, please remember to Endorse and also Endorse Vigilant if you haven't already!

Thank you!