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Added: 22/02/2012 - 08:16PM
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A simple mod, so I'll keep the description simple.

Two handed weapons suffer a lot in Skyrim. Dual Wielding One Handed weapons gives much higher DPS, One handed gives you the convenience of a spell+weapon out at once and lets you have a shield too.

This mod tries to alleviate that by bumping the damage bonus granted by each rank of the Barbarian Perk (The very first perk on the Two Handed tree if you don't know) to 25% per rank, giving a total of 125% damage at Rank 5 instead of 100%.

For those who feel that even this isn't good enough to warrant the use of Two Handed, there is also a version that will grant 30% per rank, for a maximum bonus of 150% at rank 5.

Please note that this isn't some sort of GodHaxx5000 Mod, nor have I done any sort of real world balance testing (though in my head I can't see it breaking the game in any way), it's just a way to try and ensure that Two Handed players aren't unfairly crippled by their choices.

Should be compatible with No Perk Prerequisites as long as you load this mod after NPP. Will be incompatible with anything else that alters the Barbarian perk of course.

Installation Instructions:
Click the Downloads Button and then pick the version you want!
If you download it manually, simply extract it to the Data folder of Skyrim.

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