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FrostyDudess17's Overview: A small place of interest featuring Yggdrasil the World Tree and a few other goodies.
SLE Port made by Alenzar

Permissions and credits
All credits, support and feedback for Melissandra for making this new location! I just did the backport
Text below copied from the SSE mod page of this mod.

Made this a while ago as a cool area to read, take screenshots and just hang out with my followers. Figured I'd share :)

Unique Shrine to Kyne which gives the Voice of the Sky blessing
New sword, shield and amulet (vanilla assets)
Beautiful views!

Compatibility and Permissions~
As far as I know, there aren't many (if any) mods that modify this specific area. If anyone comes across any incompatibilities, please do not hesitate to let me know! While I may not be able to handle patching in a timely fashion due to real life, I give complete permission to anyone wanting to patch, translate, add-on, etc as long as I am credited. You can either upload on your own or PM me and I will host them here :)

A new shiny patch for Viking Towns of Skyrim has been added!

Have a great day, homies <3