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Sets the default sorting in SKyUI to sort by type for items, level for spells, value for disenchantment, and by name for alchemy.

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I tried out a different sorting mod, but it sorted items by its icons instead of a simple sort by type. After looking around, having not used the mod in ages, and seeing a comment mentioning this exact thing as well, I decided to try my hand a adjusting this and setting the order the way I wanted.


Items are sorted by type. When you go into your inventory, and the separate sections within, you will notice that your items are organized neatly and alphabetically by type. For weapons it would be Arrows, Bows, Daggers, etc. Alchemy will be Health, Magicka, Poison, Potion, books will be sorted by Books, Notes, Spell Tomes. When crafting armor and weapons, this is the same. For alchemy however, I found it more comfortable to leave at its default setting of alphabetical.


Spells are sorted by level from weak to strong. If you go into your magic inventory and the school of your choice, you will see your spells organized by Novice, then Apprentice, then Adept, etc.


With enchanting, your disenchantment options are ordered by value, with the most expensive being at the top, same with soul gems. This is so when you disenchant an item, should you have multiple items with the same enchantment, you will have the most expensive item at the top of the list. As we know, you level up based on how expensive an item you create or disenchant is, so this should help ensure you have quick access to the most expensive choice. With soul gems, your most powerful gem is at the top of the list. The effect you wish to use for enchanting is still organized alphabetically.


Alchemy creation is untouched. When I initially started working on this mod, I had everything set by type, this made alchemy a cluttered, unorganized mess. I found it better to leave it set to alphabetical order.

Installation and Requirements:

All you need is SkyUi (, SKSE ( To install, just install with your preferred mod loader (I use Mod Organizer), and let my file have a higher priority.


This mod has no .esp, it is nothing more than an edited config file from SKyUI. To uninstall, just uninstall the mod from your mod loader, or delete the file.


I noticed that sorting the inventory by type makes smithing a bit more difficult. Like alchemy I felt it would be better to leave the smithing inventory in alphabetical order. I am uploading an update to the mod that keeps everything else the same, but has reverted smithing back to default. You only need one option, so please pick the one that sounds preferable to you.

The problem is basically that some items that do not use a naming structure like "body," "ring," "sword," "feet" etc,  will appear below items available for crafting. If for example, you can craft an iron sword, and a cloth face mask, the cloth face mask will appear below the inventory types since it doesn't use a specific type.