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This mod adds several quests and makes changes to vanilla ones to enable the player to kill or exile the Silver-Bloods without having to play season unending and the civil war in a very specific way.

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Instructions for stormcloaks: Download Nepos the nope (Link in requirements), and activated the quest after completing civil war. After that the quest Forsworn COnspiracy will be extended.



Domenicus7 description:
This mod adds a couple of quests and edits vanilla ones. The player can now save Eltrys and Betrid and deal with the Silver-Bloods by a variety of means. The player can deal with the Silver-Bloods after doing cidhna mine or skip the mine quest entirely, escape Markarth without genociding the guard population and save Eltrys. Currently unvoiced, but may become voiced in the future. All files are esl flaggable.

See articles for a full, totally spoiler filled walkthrough, but if you are stuck for what to do once you have finished 'The Forsworn Conspiracy' read this:

Important note: Don't deal with Thongvor until you have finished the civil war unless you are you sure don't want to do the civil war on this playthrough! On top of that, there will likely be some weirdness if you do this and then the imperials lose Markarth in season unending so it might not be a good idea to start until you have done that quest.

This mod is considered a beta because I am currently the only person who has tested it, and because it is mostly unvoiced until I find the inclination to cut some vanilla voice lines together. I'll remove it from beta once it's been up for a month or so with no unresolved bug reports. Please report any bugs or incompatibilities and feel free to suggest suitable voice lines (include which quest/npc), it will make my life easier! I don't plan to use voice synthesiser, it has potential but the robotic voice lines are imho worse than plain text for now. Other feedback welcome while it is still in beta!

Install with Mod manager and start a new game as 'The forsworn Conspiracy' is start game enabled. 

This mod will be incompatible with anything that adds quests that are dependent on the silver-bloods being alive and/or in Markarth. Yngvar has been exempted from being killable due to several other quests that rely on him. I will make patches for mods that do not require much effort, but anything that needs a big patch is dependent on me using that thing.
Patches provided for Open Cities Skyrim and AI Overhaul (NOT Immersive Citizens)

Finish the civil war, then speak to Ulfric or Tullius. You'll need medium speach AND the journals from the first quest or just very high speech to persuade Ulfric. For Tullius, you just need high speech or Thonar's journal. Alternatively, you can persuade Igmund to let you kill them, or intimidate him if you're very high level and have finished the main quest. Finally you can just kill the Silver-bloods- you'll need to put Thongvor into bleedout mode then follow the dialogue path 'Markarth will be better without you'. Any of these will break markarth if the imperials lose it during the civil war so be sure there are going to be no power changes in Markrth before starting!

INCOMPATIBILITIES: Mods that change Silver-blood inn, ms01 and ms02 scripts, KTN ULFRIC.