About this mod

This adds a few Emperor Parasol clusters to southern Eastmarch near Darkwater Crossing.

Permissions and credits
Hello Nexus!

This a re-hash of my very first mod. I have added some light effects to the shroom clusters in this new version. I also made sure to clean the mod with xedit this time.

I consider these to be lore friendly.

Many, many Dunmer fled Morrowind following the last explosion of Red Mountain. It is not hard to imagine spores from the Dunmeri homeland slowly colonizing the hot springs. After all, what better location could be found for those travel weary dark elves? It is a perfect place to stop and bathe the blood, sweat and tears from their ragged clothing.

For best effects run dynDOLOD so you can see the clusters from further away. It should be safe to merge with just about anything if you need plug-in space.
For those interested, these same mushroom clusters are incorporated into my player home: Grievheim. If you use Grievheim this file is not required.