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This patches Skills of The Wild ( No Cooking Perk Tree or Food Changes Edition ) to play nicer with the Ultimate Skyrim modlist.

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Skills of The Wild is a great mod, some people add it to their Ultimate Skyrim modlist, but it reverts a lot of crafting and balance changes ultsky makes, back to campfire or hunterborn defaults, it makes the crafting ledger disappear.

This patch makes the crafting ledger reappear, and carries over ultimateskyrim.esp's changes to recipes and items, whilst retaining some SOTW keywords.

When in doubt I let ultimateskyrim "win" conflicts, this resulted in things like SOTW scrimshaw menu being empty, as all the recipes were now in the crafting ledger as ultsky intends.

This may result in some weirdness with SOTW crafting, but every other aspect of SOTW should be retained and work correctly.

I'm not super familiar with a full playthrough with SOTW and its been a while since I played ultimateskyrim ( this was made for a request in the ultsky Discord ) so if something is not working as intended please let me know and ill be glad to fix it.

Be aware that this esp has a lot of masters as its meant to be used with the ultimateskyrim modlist ( here : ) and is not a general patch for Requiem or anyone else not using that list.