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Serious snow, Serious rain, Serious fog and lots of Seriously crisp, clear weather.

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Serious Weathers
Who gets excited about a NOTHING day? That’s vanilla Skyrim weather for ya.

This is a potato-safe weather modifier, made for those who don’t really want to go the ENB route.
Skyrim weather gets a lot more serious, with real rain, snow, fog and plenty of clear days. 

  • Clear days are seriously clear. Mountain mist is preserved.
  • Snowflakes look the part and swirl naturally in the air.
  • Thunder, rain and wind sounds are louder but also more varied.
  • Night skies are darker to better highlight celestial bodies.
  • Auroras will appear more often – on about half of all clear nights.
  • Sunsets and twilight persist a bit longer.

Uses only Vanilla weather records for compatibility.
Lightweight - no scripts, few textures. Use or remove at will.

Weather will have greater variety.
Clear days are more common, but you’ll find serious precipitation and fog everywhere as well.
Overcast days are gone. Rain and snow will actually fall in the presence of sunshine (who knew?).

The Realms of Romance city overhaul series works well in conjunction with Serious Weathers.

Included rain, snow and sunset textures are not required, in case you prefer to keep any you may have now. 

May the light of Akatosh, and all the Divines shine upon you.


This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Microsoft, Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Green Bay Packers, or any of their affiliates.
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