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This mod add dynamic dance for the women in Skyrim, provided they are using the beer drinking animation in a conditional way.

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Directly copy pasted from Tavern Dancers of Skyrim Raks Sharki


The porpouse of this mod its to add conditional dance for Female NPC only (not mans or child in this update, maybe in the future provided i find some nice animations).

The idea came after seeing the fantastic Job done by Jay Serpa  in his mod Skyrim's Got Talent - Improve As a Bard (one of my favorite mod author out there, go and endorse all his mods).

I was thinking... WTF, skyrim is lacking of something very important and its.... YES! DANCING NPC in bars, taverns, etc.

And if you are asking me what does mean RAKS SHARKI, it mean Belly dance, or thats what Wikipedia told me btw... this animations are not belly dance, but sounds cool dont you think?

No ESP file, no nemesis, no fnis... only Dar Daddy!


Using the fantastic DYNAMIC ANIMATION REPLACER mod i created a condition to make NPC dance, provided they are using the bar-drinking animations.

This mean if the NPC is a woman and the game makes her drink (for example in the taverns when the bards are playing music), she will have a 50% chance to start belly dancing.

The best way to get more results of course its using Skyrim's Got Talent - Improve As a Bard, i made this mod thinking about that mod, but that mod is not a requeriment, so you will be still  seeing this animations in the vanilla game.

The animations are the same as the Dance for me - Dance for you by Giamel, i talked with him and he dont mind that im using this animations. 

Also take in mind that the dancer will have a mug in their hand... sorry nothing i can do about this it was made this way as intended, beacuse the other option i had was conditional replace aplausse animations.... but i dont know how many animations (apllausse) are used in game and i dont want to have a improper dance moment in my gameplay.

There are 4 dance animations in the mod.

Here is a video sample i made to showcase the mod.

If you like the mod please endorse.


Download and install DAR  by Felisky384.

Download my mod and install it, using any mod manager or manually copy the content of the mod in skyrim data folder.


Cornvinus18 - Original Author