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My Pet Boar allows the player to find and befriend a wounded boar. Once found and brought back to health, he can become a follower and fight for you or you can use him as a mount.

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My Pet Boar allows the player to find and revive a wounded boar in the woods near Windhelm. There's a small backstory that explains how he's ended up so far from home that can be found nearby. Once you heal the boar using a health potion, you'll need to gain his trust through feeding him. I'll place a spoiler below for those that have a hard time figuring it out. Once he trusts you, you'll unlock a collection of features including the ability to saddle him up and ride him as a mount. He'll fight for you in battle, carry your stuff and you can even give him a name.


Check the map in the screenshots for his location or use the console command cow tamriel 36,1 to be taken straight to his location. Feeding him between 5 and 10 apples of any kind should result in him becoming a companion and unlocking the additional features of the mod.



Follower Commands
Mount Riding
Saddle Up
Mark Home
Recall Spell


Although there is a patch for Convenient Horses included in the misc files of this mod, you may find that on occasion, the dialogue locks up until you are far from combat, gone inside a building and exited, or reloaded your game. I'm not certain why this is happening and do not currently have a fix at this time.

This mod may experience issues with any other mods that check for the ActorTypeHorse keyword and make changes to NPCs based on that keyword. This would most likely include mount mods that may try and touch other mounts and races.

The best thing to do is try the mod, test it out and see if it works. If you do find a compatibility issue, feel free to report it in the Bugs Section of this mod page for all to see.

One other thing is that he may not like swimming and I don't mean because he's a boar, he prefers dry land. The physics may go a little bonkers if you enter the water with him so you've been warned.


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Mr. Dave for the permissions to the custom saddle on the Boar
gg77 for permissions to use the Boar mount meshes