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BHUNP - CBBE - UUNP bodyslide conversion for Xtudo's Sleepwear Clothes.

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Hi loves!
Let's face it! We've had everything in our character's wardrobe.
Clothes, dresses, light armor, Dwarven armor, and armor that died out of fashion years ago.
And not to mention all of the BIKINI's!!

But the one thing that I was missing in Skyrim would be a nice pajama top.
Seriously, who doesn't like to slip into your PJs after a hard day of exploring?
(I call them jammies :3 )

Made a BHUNP - CBBE - UUNP bodyslide conversion for
Xtudo's Sleepwear Clothes

Xtudo's Sleepwear Clothes
Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

Download any conversion of your choosing with any mod manager. Once installed, launch Bodyslide and Outfit Studio.
Navigate to Group Filter and look for the following:

Sleepwear Clothes BHUNP

Sleepwear Clothes CBBE
Sleepwear Clothes CBBE (Physics)

Sleepwear Clothes UUNP
Sleepwear Clothes UUNP (Physics)

Select your group and batch build.

There is a zapslider to remove the panties in the outfit (for the Dovagal that prefers to be free).
Once done building in the group, select the outfit in your Body/Outfit menu up top. Zapsliders will
pop up as well as the body sliders. Open the preview window if you haven't opened it yet and select the zapslider.
When done, click the big BUILD button (not the batch build)

All credit goes to Xtudo for allowing me to create these conversions.
Caliente and Ousnius for Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
Groovtama for XPMSE

Caliente for CBBE
Bakafactory and Haeun for BHUNP