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Tired of the tidious route you have to take to get to the ragged flagon? Yeah, me too.. so i created an alternative immersive faster way!

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What does this mod do?

I got tired of running through the Cistern everytime i wanted to take another job from Delvin or Vex.. so I fixed it!
Verry simple, this just adds a door to the right of riften's main entrance. This door leads directly to the Ragged Flagon.
The door is Locked, and does require a key..

How do I get the key?

For immersion, you will have to complete the quest Taking Care of Business, and get access to the Ragged Flagon.
Go to the bar in the Ragged Flagon, where you can find Vekel the Man.
At the counter you will find a key, look at the pictures for the excat location.
You'll have to steal the key tho, but a thief of your stature should have no problem with that ;)

isn't there another mod that does this?

Yes, Thieves Guild Redone.
Thieves Guild Redone overhauls the Thieves guild, and adds the same type of hidden door. 
I have had a lot of problems with that mod, incompatibility problems. But I missed the hidden door so much, I had to add it. 
I strongly recommend Thieves Guild Redone if that mod works for you, if not; atleast you get the hidden door here.

And if you like it, endorse it! :D