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Added: 22/02/2012 - 02:18PM
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Last updated at 15:18, 12 May 2013 Uploaded at 14:18, 22 Feb 2012

-This mod ONLY works if the users have Hearthfires installed. The non Hearthfires version can be obtained on the official Steam page.

- You can get the latest version from Steam, located here:
- The Nexus will be updated when time permits

The mod adds:
- Jar containing the dungeon key and a book with the lore of Breezehome (written by myself) - New system automatically adds these to the players inventory
- Secret hatch leading to Whiterun and one to Dragon's Reach in the basement
- Fixed the stairs leading to the top floor (No more tripping, yay!)
- Changed the entrance configuration to leverage the natural space
- Added a cellar (hatch is underneath the stairs)
- Many new rooms
- Lots of new chests
- Custom NPCs
- Several new mannequins
- Expanded master bedroom
- More lighting
- More decorations
- A secret "chest" containing goodies
- A hatch leading to the balcony atop Breezehome
- Basement area complete with blacksmith tools (anvil, forge & workbench)
- New fireplace
- New enchanting table
- Extra bookshelves

Future updates:
- More rooms
- Changes to other homes

Q: Mannequins appear away from their standing zones, how do I fix this?
A: Place an item on them then remove it, this should never re-occur.

Q: Vanilla items appear above mod inserted items what do I do? Ex: Fire in the middle of the entrance area.
A: This is a glitch with the way house upgrades interact with mods that modify their surroundings, the best thing to do is just pick them up/disregard them. (Sadly there's nothing I can do about that one.)

Q: I entered my home I fell through the ground and/or heard the sound of a glazed object bouncing around accompanied by a lag spike, what do I do?
A: This will subside after a little while and *may* re-occur after a mod update.

Q: How does this fare with other Breezehome mods?
A: Not well. The amount of customization will most likely cause clipping issues with mods that add items in the home.

Q: After the latest patch I'm stuck in my home, the game crashes when I leave, what now?
A: Type: "coc whiterun" in the console to teleport just outside Whiterun, it is a minor glitch in one of the older updates and should not re-occur.

Changes to the mod:
- Change and update ideas are awesome, I need them so I can make the mod better, leave them in the comment section, I want to know what you want to see.
- If you plan on making a change and re-posting the mod, please let me know and have my name and URL to the original mod added to the credits.

++ Note ++
Grab all your items from Breezehome before you subscribe to this mod. To provide you with abundant storage right from the start I had to remove the old references to the existing storage, meaning that if you subscribe you will loose you old items.

Thank for downloading it and don't forget to rate and favorite the mod!