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Adds EldenGrove recreated concept for skyrim

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Elden Grove for Skyrim

Note: I took SS in Skyrim lowest settings so it'll look better on your pc then my laptop!

I saw the picture and decided I wanted it in skyrim, so after guesstimating 10-20 hrs in Ck its here, I am not just a Armor Modder appearently lol, Looking at the screens you can figure out real quick where it is located on the fork next to honningbrew meadery, there shoulden't be any conflicts even for those whom use different city mods as it is unlikly there Area I placed it in is unique, However if a Mod out does let me know, and there NO grass or trees going through the tower I attached short grass and Moss to the tower hard to tell unless in-game. Enjoy.

P.S. I didn't know what catogory to place this in so (shrugs) and it aint perfect but I aint complaining lol, OH and soon as you open the door the moss on the ground hit console and disable that one I deleted in CK but still there (had ck open persistantly).

Conflicts: Provincial Courier Service (isn't on top of it but clashes with tower ) I don't use that mod.

Performance Friendly:

My laptop isn't a expensive rig and my game is smooth even with all the greenery (foliage)  and looks and feels better :)

If you like it Endorse helps Morale to keep it up :)