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Sanguis is a lore-friendly font built on the title of The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, with an inky aesthetic and 2006-era nostalgia.

Permissions and credits
Sanguis is a font designed by the creator of Sovngarde. Supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian.

Fully supports mods that have apostrophes in their dialogue choices and subtitles, which most custom fonts do not. Also supports all UI overalls and perk mods such as Ordinator where the perk descriptions take up more than a single line of text. Optimized font size is as large as possible while keeping it from exceeding the UI boundaries.

Sanguis was built to resemble inky typography spilling through the volumes of history. It was created based on Oblivion's title font and expanded into all the lower and uppercase letters of 6 languages. It will also be featured with the expansive mod remaking Oblivion, called Skyblivion.

I currently have no plans to expand on the supported languages. However, due to the open permissions anyone in the community is more than welcome to develop their own language expansions for this font as they see fit with the source files provided.

This font mod, like all other font mods are best loaded at the top of the load order near the master files, below the foundational mods and before quest mods.

Keep in mind that this font is incompatible with any other font mods unless you are loading a specialty compatibility patch after both font mods.

• Original typography by Bethesda
• Typographical design and expansion by Koveich
• Artwork by Koveich
• Numerals based on Kingthings Petrock Bold