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Changes many of the Vanilla NPCs' AI to act more realistic and immersive. Replaces old AI Overhaul, to be compatible with Dawnguard, Hearthfires, Dragonborn, and Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch. ALL the fixes!

Permissions and credits
Do you notice that the NPCs in cities are a bit dull and robotic?
Well, you've found a mod to fix many of these issues and further increase immersion and realism.

This is a patch (actually replacement) of AI Overhaul to be compatible with Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch and the DLCs.  AIO improves the behavior packages of numerous vanilla NPCs, but it undid many USkP and later USLEP bug fixes of them (and even some basic changes by Dawnguard to a vampire NPC, and by Hearthfires to a child NPC, not to mention Dawnguard's adjustments to the entire game world's Max Height Data record, and Dragonborn's similar tweaks to the Windhelm worldspace).

Now you get ALL the fixes.

AIO mostly changes NPC AI packages (when they wander and where, when they sleep, and so on).  USLEP fixes many glitches in NPC records like who will rent a room, who has what key, dead body cleanup, missing object bounding boxes, strange coloration, mages with no spells, missing faction membership, and so on, and other fixes (like part of Winterhold not getting Winterhold weather).  Arguably the USLEP changes were more important, but the STEP Project was actually recommending AIO anyway, so the conflicts really needed to get resolved, since nearly everyone heavily modding Skyrim is following the STEP guide.

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Requirements and Installation

This requires Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEP or USLeEP):
That, in turn, requires all of the DLCs and Update.esm.

The original AI Overhaul is not required (it's just an ESP and this patch replaces it).  Consider downloading and endorsing it anyway, just for modder goodwill. :-)

Install USLEP first.  If the original AIO is present in your mod manager, uninstall it next.  Then install my fixed AIO (other mods can come between USLEP and this; they just need to be in that order in relation to each other).

Install this like any other mod, whether with a mod manager or manually.  In a manual install, if asked to overwrite an existing "AI Overhaul.esp" then do so.

If you also use "Ethereal Elven Overhaul", then you'll need "Ethereal Elven Overhaul and AI Overhaul Patch for USLEP and STEP", which installs after this.


1. This mod is not a magic cure-all.  If you install various NPC replacer mods, many of them will also need patches to be fully compatible with AIO, since it changes some "popular" NPCs like Farkas and Aela.  (Most of those mods are already USLEP compatible.)

2. AIO changed the global game setting fAIInDialogueModeWithPlayerDistance to about half of its vanilla value.  This version doesn't change that, as the change is probably desirable to most players.  You need to be a conversational distance from NPCs for them to have conversations with you. If you don't like this change by AIO, you can undo it yourself in TES5Edit or the CK (it's GMST record 0002a37e).

3. This mod has nothing to do with "Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul" or "Enemy AI Overhaul - Revenge of the Enemies", which are unrelated mods.

Permissions and Credits

I impose no restrictions of any kind on this very simple patching job.  AIO had none either.  USLEP has none that affect patches.

AIO is by SpiderAkiraC, and this version just tweaks it.  USLEP is by Arthmoor and the USLEP project team.

Mod image is from the original AIO mod's page on Nexus (with "+ USLEP" added by me).

Both of those credited above receive an equal share of the Nexus Mod Rewards/Donation Points earned by this mod.

SpiderAkiraC has been made a manager of this mod, and is welcome to simply integrate its fixes into the original.