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Craftable lore-friendly leather and steel armors and outfit.

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Nibenean Armors and Outfit

by Xtudo

Craftable lore-friendly leather and steel armors and outfit.

The mod includes:
  • A Nibenean Leather Armor (light armor) (with or without pauldrons).
  • A Nibenean Leather Outfit (clothing or light armor available).
  • A Nibenean Dark Steel Armor (heavy armor) (with or without pauldrons).
  • Five types of armored boots (light and heavy armor).
  • Five types of gauntlets and gloves (light and heavy armor).
  • An armored leather fur cape, with or without hood (light armor and clothing).
  • An armored leather choker (light armor).
  • A circlet (clothing).
  • All outfits/armors fits perfectly UNP, UNPB and CBBE. 

All items are craftable (no requirements), and you can temper them too.
The stats are the same that the vanilla Scaled Armor (light armors), and Nord Plate (heavy armors).
The mod is fully standalone.
The BodySlide version is here by the talented Nekomata17.

Optional downloads:
  • 4K Textures version for the main outfit/armor.
  • No dagger.
  • High level player version. Intended for high level players (40+) with 100 blacksmith. The armor stats are the same than the Dragonplate, and you will need the same materials to craft them. And you can also temper all the armored items. 

I did it for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it.
And don't forget to share your screens. :)

  • Many thanks to Deserter X - Dianka33, for making their impressive beautiful mods, and free for modification; you are awesome!
  • Many thanks to Nisetanaka for the protection used by the armored versions. 
  • Many thanks to NordwarUA for his boots and gauntlets used by this mod.
  • Many thanks to SydneyB for the armlets, belts and dagger used by this mod.
  • Many thanks to CaBaL120 for his stunning armor textures.
  • Many thanks to Maxiteo for the ESP SE-ESL conversion.
  • Many thanks to the kind people of the Facebook Skyrim groups, and friends from Nexus, for their support and suggestions for the mod. They really helped a lot, you are awesome!

Celebration day!
Our lovely mod made its eternal place at the "Mods of the month" of June 2021.
A toast to celebrate, and thanks for the support!
Regards. - Xtudo 

The sisters Sarah and Cybele were the models for this mod.

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