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The Dragonhide Spell, which is a Master Level Alteration Ritual Spell, is massively bugged in the game. This mod fixes the issues detailed in the description.

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----- Bug description: -----

The issues with Dragonhide in the vanilla game:

1) Dragonhide doesn't override Ebonyflesh or other flesh spells which give inferior damage resistance, if Ebonyflesh or any of the lesser flesh spells is already active.
(There is a caveat though: the effects of Dragonhide may be applied automatically if, and when, the active flesh spell runs its course before the duration of Dragonhide. In other words, if you cast Dragonhide when you have 5 seconds left on your Ebonyflesh, the Ebonyflesh will continue to be applied for five seconds, and then the Dragonhide will kick in, but with the duration reduced by 5 seconds, which was spent being deactivated due to Ebonyflesh being active. This is a rare occurrence, as Dragonhide has half the duration as the flesh spells, so this can occur only if you cast Dragonhide when you're past half the duration of the active flesh spell)

2) The converse of point 1: Ebonyflesh and other flesh spells override Dragonhide despite Dragonhide giving better superior protection, if the flesh spell is cast when Dragonhide is active.
(Again, this also has a corner case, but it's rarer and more peculiar than the previous: If you dual-cast Dragonhide or otherwise increase its duration by drinking a potion of fortify alteration, you may have well over 99 seconds on your Dragonhide. When you cast an inferior flesh spell, the flesh spell will override Dragonhide for the duration of the flesh spell. However, if the flesh spell was single-cast, or if it was cast without the potion of fortify alteration effect, or both, there's a chance that the flesh spell has lower duration than Dragonhide. It will override Dragonhide for the entirety of its duration, but if it run out sooner than Dragonhide was supposed to run its course, the Dragonhide effect will be reapplied for the remainder of its duration. If that sounds confusing, let's take an instance:
You first dual-cast Dragonhide, and you have 66 seconds on it [99 if you have the stability perk]. Let's say, after 2 seconds (when you have 64 seconds [97 if you have the stability perk] left on Dragonhide), you single-cast the flesh spell, which gives you 60 seconds of duration [90 seconds if you have the perk]. Form this point on, for 60 seconds [or 90, you get the idea], the single casted flesh spell will override Dragonhide. At the moment that the flesh spell dies out, the Dragonhide may be reapplied and last for 4 seconds [7 seconds if you have the perk] because it initially had 64 [or 97] seconds when the flesh spell took over, and it still had 4 seconds [or 7] left on its timer at the moment the flesh spell died out.

3) Dragonhide nullifies armor, but not very well: Dragonhide would normally add 1 to your present armor rating, but if you change your armor or equip a different weapon, your armor rating would be set to 1.
This happens because it adds 1 to your armor rating immediately, and multiplies the armor rating of all your items to 0, but it doesn't recalculate your character's armor rating straightaway. If you change any of your equipped items (weapon/armor), then the armor rating for your character would be recalculated and applied so you have 0 armor rating obtained from you equipped items, but the 1 point initially added by the spell effect would still be seen, meaning you'll see an armor rating of 1.

4) Dragonhide meddling with physical resistance despite leaving magic resistance alone: Not really an issue tbh, but there's no reason, based on the vanilla game description, for Dragonhide to treat physical resistance and magic resistance differently.

---- Changes after installing the mod: ----

1) Dragonhide stacks with Ebonyflesh and other flesh spells. [Which means you can have a maximum of 88.4% effective physical damage reduction without wearing any actual armor. Too complex and kinda unnecessary to explain how, but willing to explain if anyone wants it, just leave a comment if you're curious!]

2) Dragonhide doesn't modify your armor rating. [Which means you can have 96% effective physical damage reduction if you have hit the 667 armor cap already, but the difference this mod makes is ensure that you can apply your actual armor rating even if you equip or unequip any armor or weapon while Dragonhide is active] 

-------- TL;DR: --------

What it means if you're a pure mage:
-> Your flesh spells will stack with Dragonhide now (yay!)

What it means if you're a warrior:
-> Your armor will stack with Dragonhide properly, even if you equip/unequip anything while Dragonhide is active (also yay!)

---- Installation Instructions: ----

Just download the DragonhideFixed.esp file and copy it to your "Data" folder under the game folder, like all other esp mods.

---- Known issues: ----

-> If you're using SkyUI or any other mod that shows HUD icons for active effects, you'll see that Dragonhide will show up with a Magic Resistance icon. This is a minor inconvenience but an inevitable one, as otherwise it will not stack with Ebonyflesh (go through the comments to fully understand why).
This is a purely cosmetic issue; and in gameplay terms, Dragonhide doesn't actually meddle with Magic Resistance at all, it only ignores 80% of incoming damage as the in-game text suggests.