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A small player home on the Riften Docks.

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Welcome to Riverside Apartment!
Riverside is a remake of the wonderful mod created by princess_stomper called the Riften Riverside Home
(found here ~ I've had the mod in my load order for years now and have always loved
the aquarium section in the basement.

I always wanted some of the Hearthfire amenities as well as some way to display some items so I could make it my main home though, so I decided to upgrade it. This mod doesn't require the original, but I think it should require an endorsement given to both mods if you like what I've done with it. The main part of the mod and the exterior may be new, but the aquarium is all hers and is (imo) the best part!

The home has tons of storage, a bathtub you can sit and soak in, and all of the main crafting stations (alchemy, enchanting, tanning, smelting, anvil, a workbench, and a grindstone) along with a cooking pot and oven. The awesome boat bed is still in the basement and I've added sleeping markers to the pelts in front of the fireplace as well for followers. The main bed gives the well-rested bonus. There are dynamic meals added to both the table and bar areas, and bookshelves to hold most/all of the lore books. The display room has space for the masks, the claws, the Thieves Guild items, Paragons, bug jars, the amulets, and the Black books.

I shifted the outside entrance to around the corner and have added a small alchemy/veg garden area that stretches between the apartment door to the alchemy shop. There is also an entrance/exit to the outside of the city from the basement.

I have JK's Riften along with Dawn of Skyrim both installed and the only conflict with them are some barrels/crates/sacks outside of the
alchemy shop that I simply disabled so they weren't cluttering up the small vegetable garden.

Let me know if you find any problems or conflicts with other mods.


Just a minor update to fix an issue with the Skyrim world space name being displayed wrong.