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Nearly All Mushrooms across Skyrim are high poly now! Beware that their amount of polygons increased by a lot.

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- Be Warned -

Fungi models has drastically increased polygon amount. Thats My personal preference. If you, at some point, afraid of that -  check first how it goes on your machine or even do not use the mod at all.

- Addendum -
Mora Tapinella meshes will be up soon. From 7/24/2021 to 7/25/2021. Nvm. Guess it will take one more day. Nearest update will include fixes to Scaly Pholiota uv and not-that-noticeable improvements to blackreach mushrooms upper part uv. Afterwards will focus on last type of shroom which left in Enderal. Giant Lichen might be dropped completely. Have some ideas on how to improve it visually, realistically but not sure that i want to waste even more time on the mod. We shall see. Later.

P.S. Creep Cluster might be considered as a fungi as well. But the mesh itself comes with an insane amount of troubles and it looks like roots rather than red algae. "Remade from scratch" thing wont be considered as a solution in my case. So, mostly cause of it looks i dont want to touch it. Yeah. I already completed both meshes and made them better but i do not like the result cause of the clipping related to vanilla positioning in-game (Talking about the mesh which lies on the ground not on the stone. Last one is fine).

- Introduction -

  • Total Meshes Improved: 69 (Other not-that-important stuff - will be added later).
  • Specular was removed.
  • Vertex Colors was preserved.
  • Visible clipping was fixed.
  • Vanilla UV inconsistency was fixed.
  • Blackreach mushrooms no longer have tentacles nor animation. Bad positioning in-game which leads to clipping between different mushrooms, their tentacles and i cant make the smoothest animation because of the random positioning. I already remade and improved default animation on new models but i do not like the result to which im forced to. My own animation "idea" doesnt work properly because from time to time mushrooms gliding through the ground. They're not always have the same "lowest" position and the ground itself could have different forms. So... Im gonna leave them as they're now. Too much time wasted. 

- Compability -

*Mushrooms 2K made by Phlunder. Patch is not needed.
*ELFX made by Anarmofus. Patch Available.
*Blackreach Mushrooms, Glowing Mushrooms and Soltsheim Plants made by Rallyeator. Patches are not needed.

Worry not - Enderal mod page will be affected as well.

- Permissions -