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Ever get frustrated that you couldn't level up a skill that's beneath the one you have trained? Maybe you're a light armored assassin who prefers Daedric weapons to glass? Or an enchanter who can't help but be tickled by the idea of lightning jumping from your blade and can't be bothered to learn the fire/ice perks. This mod allows you to level up any perk that is connected to the ones you already know (by "looping around").

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-[This mod is in a complete state and shouldnt be updated anymore barring any bugs reported or user requests]-

I created this mod mainly for people who wanted to train light armor but also wanted Daedric weapons but I quickly realized that all skill trees could also use with the ability to "loop around". This mod allows you to level perks beneath higher level perks. This opens a lot of freedom for some play styles that had to waste precious perks on things they didn't really need and holds some interesting opportunity for the min/maxers out there.

I plan to do a fairly substantial rework of the talent trees(I have a minimalist rework of magic at the bottom if you're interested) in the near future, but this mod I felt was simple enough and small enough to warrant it's own standalone release.

Enjoy the freedom of flexible perk trees!

This mod is compatibile with any mod that affects perks but is NOT compatible with a mod that adds perks or changes perks positions in the tree.

If you install this mod and then uninstall later it will cause no issues to your save games but you may have to use console commands to remove perks that were not accessible to you without this mod.

This mod works with all mods I have/will ever create.

Changelog: v1.01
Fixed Purity perk in alchemy tree's dependency on getting 1 rank in the ingredient perk. Was a dependency in the original game as opposed to my mod. Strange. Either way, it's fixed!

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