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About this mod

This MOD adds your caster follower the new role of a defender.
This ward system is dramatic, tactical and enhances your sense of combat with your follower.
When you combat caster enemies, your follower casting the ward spell in your front will give you combat advantages.
Your sidekick protects you at all costs!

Permissions and credits
■The system starts

An Equipment item "Stendarr Fantasy -episode Vigilant-" is added in Silver-Blood Inn.
When your follower equips with it, the ward system starts. When he unequips, the system ends.
A message is displayed in each case.
 The system starts : "Tyranus 'It's...more than I can take.'"
 The system ends : "Adalvald 'Yeah. You're damn right it is.'"
                       "Tolan 'You spit it out.'"
                       "Carcette 'It's good to hear.'"

Can't be turned the system start in combat. You have to prepare before the combat.

■About the ward system

1)Advanced follower's ward method
In combat, if your follower is equipped with a spell, he casts the Shout and goes into "Standby mode".

If you draw the weapon and sneak while backing away, the slow effect is activated (0.75, About 2 sec). At the same time, your follower activates "Magicka Converter", converting his current stamina to Magicka. The conversion rate improves with rank up.

During the slow time, you can adjust the position and direction. In addition, during the slow time, if you sneak while backing away once more, you can cancel the activation. Cancel means that You can only activate "Magicka Converter".

Your follower teleports to your front and casts the ward spell. After that, he maintains that position. Magicka costs of the ward spell is 3 per second. Also, while casting the ward spell, his stamina regeneration stops.
If you move by walking, he will follow your movements.
If you move by runing or sprinting, he finishes the casting of the ward spell and returns to combat. The same applies if you sneak without moving.

*You can activate for about 12 seconds even after the end of the combat. 

2)Rank up
Your follower's skill value improves "Magicka Converter" performance.

Rank1 [No conditions]
 Rate (Stamina : Magicka = 1 : 2)

Rank2 [Destruction(40)]
 Rate (Stamina : Magicka = 1 : 3)

Rank3 [Destruction(70)]
 Rate (Stamina : Magicka = 1 : 4)


(1)This MOD has no changed vanilla data, and needs no requirements.
(2)You must not duplicate "Stendarr Fantasy -episode Vigilant-". It causes a bug.
(3)This MOD's follower AI have priority 100(max).All other combat override packages do not work.
(4)This MOD is made with game balance in mind. But it may depend on your Skyrim.
(5)This system resists spells through synergy between the ward spell, position and targeting. It doesn't add any magic effects to player that would resist spells. Therefore, depending on a combat situation or settings of a spell, player cannot resists a spell.

■Uninstall this MOD

After your follower unequips with "Stendarr Fantasy -episode Vigilant-", uninstall this MOD.